60-72 CHEVY Truck, Rear C-Notch Kit

January 29th, 2009
  1. Put the truck on a lift. If a lift isn’t available, use a jack and jackstands to secure the truck. Make sure the rear end is hanging freely.
  2. Line up the outer edge of the oblong hole in the frame (#2 on the diagram) with the front edge of the c-notch kit.
  3. When holding the c-notch kit against the frame, make sure it is centered so that you can scribe and cut out the outside dimensions of the opening. You may find it helpful to make a pattern to aid in this process.
  4. Go ahead and cut the frame using a sawzall or plasma cutter.
  5. Ground down the upper rear spring perch bracket so that it is flush with the side of the frame.
  6. (Optional) Round off the outer edge (from step 5) to match the frame.
  7. Make sure the frame notch fits correctly with the cuts made. If you have a correct fit remove the rivets (#1 on the diagram) off of the bottom of the frame.
  8. Since the rivets are removed, mark the remaining mounting holes.
  9. Use a 7/16” drill bit to drill the new mounting holes. Mount the c-notch to the frame using the bolts from this kit.
  10. Tighten the bolts up completely starting with the front holes on the bottom side of the frame. Next, tighten the face of the frame. Last, tighten the rear holes on the bottom of the frame.



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  1. Gil Yale says:

    The kit mounts to the outside of the not the inside ?

  2. Jon says:

    May I get the instructions emailed to me? I unfortunately lost my copy.

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