Air Springs, Tubular Control Arms and 13″ Big Brakes for ‘58-64 Chevys

January 15th, 2009

You’ve got to give General Motors credit for seeing this lowrider trend coming decades in advance. How else can you explain the optional air suspensions–complete with catchy names like “New-Matic”–available from nearly every GM division back in 1958? Not only that, but since The General’s systems were prone to failure, sooner or later your car would be “layin’ frame” whether you wanted it to or not. Talk about being ahead of the curve!

Thankfully, air suspensions have come a long way since then, with big trucks and production cars by the millions employing them on a daily basis without reservation. Companies such as Air Ride Technologies have helped bring “bags” to the hot rod and custom car masses, where they’ve been met with open arms. The concept is just too enticing for many rodders: a car that can be dumped in the weeds while parked or profiling, then raised to a safe and comfortable level for blasting down the freeway. Best of all, good handling and ride quality can be maintained if the system is properly designed and set up…

View entire article | Source: Rod & Custom Magazine | Posted: 02.2009


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