58-64 Chevy Fullsize, 605 Series, Power Steering Box

April 28th, 2009


Make sure this kit fits your application before painting or plating. Parts that have been painted, plated or modified may not be returned.

  1. Our box and bracket will bolt to the three original holes in your frame using the original bolts from your stock box. If your car was originally equipped with power assist steering, you will need to either use our Center Link Adapter (PN: CLA-5864) or you will need to change to a manual steering pitman arm (PN: PA-6364) and Center link (PNs: CL-5862 or CL-6364).
  2. Locate the raised punched holes on the backside of the frame where your origi  nal steering box bolts on. These holes are clearance holes and are often punched off-center. The bracket on our box has provisions for these raised holes but some interference may still occur. You may have to grind the raised edges of the holes to provide clearance for the brackets.
  3. If you purchased a rag joint coupler from us, it is designed to be drilled and roll-pinned with the supplied pin. You will also need to weld the outer tube to the 3/4” solid shaft which you cut off of the old rag joint assembly. Make sure this weld is done correctly.

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  1. I was looking for more information on 58-64 Chevy Fullsize, 605 Series, Power Steering Box Performance Online, Inc on Google and this place was the first site I saw about it. Thanks for sharing and now I know where to look for great stuff when I want it

  2. aaron williams says:

    steering turns too easy is this a commom thing with 605 gearbox or do i need to remove some of the shims from the power steering pump

    • admin says:

      It is a very common characteristic of the 605 gear box. We sell an adjustable flow valve that works great in tuning how much line pressure runs to the box.
      It is available in the Steering section of our website.

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