65-70 Chevy Fullsize Car, Classic 2″ Drop Spindles

April 21st, 2009


Part #(DS6570)

Calipers to be used
Cutlass – 78-88
Regal – 78-87
El Camino – 78-88
Camaro – 82-89
Malibu – 78-83
Firebird – 82-89

Rotors – 7/16 thread lug nuts
Cutlass – 79-81
Monte Carlo – 79-81
El Camino – 79-81
Grand Prix – 79-81
Regal – 79-81
Lemans – 79-81

Rotors – metric thread lug nuts
Cutlass – 82-89
Camaro – 82-87
Firebird – 82-87
El Camino – 82-87
Grand Prix – 82-87
Monte Carlo – 82-88
Malibu – 82-83

Steps: READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS COMPLETELY BEFORE INSTALLING THIS KIT. Make sure this kit fits your application before painting or plating. Parts that have been painted or modified may not be returned.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Spindles are marked LH (driverside) RH (passenger side) and should be installed that way. Calipers will mount towards the back.
  2. Calipers should be mounted with bleeder the screw towards the top.
  3. Original steering arms should be installed with the bolts supplied for the spindles.
  4. Bearings and seals for the above rotors should be used.
  5. The brake hoses to be used are from a 79-81 Camaro or Firebird.
  6. Banjo bolts for the brake hoses are M-10 thread and are used on the above calipers.
  7. Brakes should be properly bled to insure there is no air trapped in the brake lines.
  8. After installing the spindles, the front end alignment must be checked and adjusted.
  9. Check turning of spindles, for rubbing or hitting on A-Frames.
  10. When upgrading the brake system to a disc/drum brake system, it will be necessary to install a proportioning valve.
  11. We recommend installing a dual reservoir master cylinder and a power booster.
  12. When installing the spindles, always use the proper tools and equipment to make the job as safe as can be.



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