Truck Rear Axle Kits

April 24th, 2009

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47-55 Chevy Truck, Rear Axle Relocation Kit

Converting the 47-55 Chevy trucks from an enclosed drive shaft rear end to the modern open drive shaft rear end always posed the problem of the rear end not being centered in the wheel well. This would happen because the spring center bolt was located 1.5” forward of where it should be. The axle seats that are included in our rear axle conversion kits address this problem by offering two indexing holes. One hole is centered to work with the 54-55 Chevy trucks and the other hole is located 1.5” forward of the center. This will center the rear axle in the 47-53 wheel opening.

55-59 Chevy Truck, Lower Shock Mount Brackets

When installing the lower shock mount brackets they should be positioned so that the shocks are parallel with the axle centerline and parallel to each other (straight up and down). If the truck is lowered the mount may be positioned outward from the axle centerline, but doing so would limit shock. Instead of doing this we recommend using a shortened shock so they can be kept as close to parallel as possible.

48-56 Ford & 55-59 Chevy, Rear Axle Conversion Kit

The rear axle in an original 1955-59 truck is attached to the bottom of the rear leaf springs. This configuration supports the trucks stock ride height. “Flipping” the rear axle or attaching the rear axle above the rear leaf springs will lower the vehicle from 4-5 inches. Our 55-59 rear axle conversion kit can be used either way. Simply weld the spring pad on top of the axle housing and attach it to the underside of the springs to retain the factory ride height (shown), or weld the spring pad on the bottom of the axle housing and attach it to the top of the springs to lower the vehicle.


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