Power Steering Straight Axle Installation Instructions (PS-SA-4759 Chevy/GMC Truck Rack N Pinion PS-SA 4864 Ford F-1 & F100)

August 17th, 2010

1)  Remove Stock Steering components and steering arms. On F-1 Fords, it is necessary to cut out one steering arm off, then grind smooth the spindle

2) Bolt steering arms on. We provide you with the 3 washers per bolt. Use one washer to space the steering arm away from the spindle.

3) Rack preparation-Turn the rack input clockwise (right turn) until it stops. Then turn it back counter clockwise(left turn) until it stops, while counting the turns(should be 3 1/8″) turn it clockwise 1/2 way back (approx. 1 1/2 turns) now the rack is centered in its travel.  If you don’t do this, call for help!-Using the provided U-joint makes it easier to turn.

4) Install mounting brackets as shown in photos

5) There are two different mounts on passenger, on driver side mount uses a rubber insulator. Fit the top clamp and snug the 4 bolts. The passenger side is solid mount. Just snug up the 4 bolts.

6)At this time fit the vent tube as shown, through the passenger rack clamp, and into both rack boots

7) Fit the rack to the axle. Loosely bolt the axle clamps to the rack mount. Center the rack- this does not mean the clamps or rack body, but from the tie rod ends to the steering arms, with the spindles straight.

8) Tighten all rack mount bolts, torque to 30 ft/lbs. If you strip it you own it.

9) Install the outer tie rod ends and jam nuts. They should be even on both sides

10) Slip shaft and column

11) P/S hoses. We supplied fittings in the rack. The high pressure fitting is a #6 A.N. the return is 3/8 hose. Any pump is fine. We suggest a remote reservoir for additional fluid capacity.