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1958-64 Chevy Impala Tubular Upper and Lower Control Arm Set

1958-64 Chevy Impala Tubular Upper and Lower Control Arm Set
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Performance Online's tubular control arms bring your 1958-64 Impala up to speed. We offer several components that are designed to help your suspension handle today's tire technology. The first step is to give the car some stability. This is done through geometry and alignment.
Caster provides a lot of straight-line stability to a vehicle so in order to achieve our goal; caster was built into the upper control arms. In addition to our design we include low deflection polyurethane bushings, and we added width to the bushing dimensions so we could increase the holding capability of the control arms when running stickier tires. Standard ball joints are used for easy replacement and standard springs, air bags, coilover shocks, or hydraulics can be used with the arms.

Application info:

• Manufactured to our specs by the top manufacture of high performance suspension parts.
• 4.0 degrees of caster designed into the upper control arm to make the vehicle drive straight and true.
• Increased caster built into the arms, provide for better high speed stability.
• Allows for more camber adjustment
• Works with stock cross shafts.
• Includes factory style Poly Urethane bushings making replacements a snap.
• Great when running power steering.

• Tubular Upper and Lower Control Arms (set)
• New Upper and Lower Ball Joints 
(OEM Style)
• Poly Urethane bushings

Product fits: 1958 59 60 61 62 63 64 CHEVY, IMPALA, BELAIR, BISCAYNE

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