GM Car, 600 Series Power Steering Gear Box

GM Car, 600 Series Power Steering Gear Box
35.00 lbs
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The Delphi 600 series Power Steering Gear utilizes the latest servo and specifically tuned effort characteristics. These gear boxes are true USA made components unlike the Chinese imported 400 and 500 Series gear boxes.

The gear provides quick response and precise control.

The recirculating ball gears offer low friction with smooth and quiet operation throughout the entire steering range. This produces excellent road feel and driver feedback just like that found in modern day cars and trucks.

Ratio Type:
• 14:1
• 12.7:1

Installation kit available. Includes: Ragjoint and hose adapter fittings. Add $139.00

Note: Upgrading to power steering requires modifications to steering columns and/or the steering system.

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