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Master Cylinders and Proportioning Valves


-3AN Banjos for Master Cylinders, Pr.

These A.N. Banjos for master cylinders are designed to solve clearance issues and fit the popular GM type master cylinder.

Brake Light Switch with Fitting

This brake light switch is a must when modifying your brake system and no longer using the original brake light switch.


Ford Disc Brake Master Cylinder and Proportioning Valve Kit

Disc brake master cylinder & proportioning valve kit fits 1964-73 Ford Mustang, 62-66 Fairlane, Falcon, Ranchero, Torino and Mercury Comet. Available for both 2 or 4 wheel disc brakes.

GM Distribution Block and Brake Light Warning Switch

GM distribution block fit most GM classic cars and trucks. This item is a must when running a dual reservoir drum brake master cylinder.

GM Proportioning Valve Bleed Tool, AC Delco

Used when bleeding your brakes. Locks the prop valve in place & keeps the low pressure mechanism from tripping. Fits AC Delco 172-1353 & 172-1371 and all GM based aftermarket valves.

GM Proportioning Valve Fittings, AC Delco Combination Valve

Available for GM/Delco Proportioning Valve to -3AN.

GM Proportioning Valve Low Pressure Warning Light Switch Cover, Chrome

Chrome proportioning valve warning light switch cover.

Master Cylinder and Proportioning Valve Kit, Firewall Mount

Add a disc brake master cylinder with under mount prop valve to your Classic without major modifications! Available for both 2 or 4 wheel disc brake applications. Great for firewall mount setups.

Master Cylinder Lid, Chrome, Single Clamp

Fits Drum brake style GM master cylinder with single bail design. SHOW QUALITY!

Proportioning Valve Bracket and Line kit, Side Mount, AC Delco Type, CHROME

GM Proportioning valve mounting bracket for your custom or classic vehicle. This bracket and line kit mounts the AC Delco valve to the driverside of your GM style master cylinder.

Proportioning Valve Kit, AC Delco Valve and GM Master Cylinder, Under Floor Mount Type

We carry individual proportioning valve kits for your customized vehicle. Meter your brakes the proper way with our proportioning valve kit. Available for Street Rods, Hot Rods and Classic Trucks that have a floor mounted brake setups.

Proportioning Valve Kit, Under Mount, GM Master Cylinder, AC Delco Type

This kit mounts the proportioning valve underneath the master cylinder. Great for all firewall mounted brake setups. Available is standard or chrome finish.

Master Cylinders and Proportioning Valves
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