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Performance Online is constantly adding to its steering product line. To compliment to the overall feel of your vehicle, we offer tilt steering columns, power steering gear boxes, custom steering wheels and many other steering components. Our power steering conversion kits and power steering pumps are all high quality components! POL's new 600 Series gear boxes have proven to out perform the overseas inferior 500 series gear sold by some of our competitors and come with a limited lifetime warranty! Thanks for shopping!


1967-69 Chrysler B Body Tilt Steering Column - Floor Shift

HOT NEW ITEM! Available for 1967-69 Chrysler B-Body cars is the all NEW Ididit tilt steering column.


Now Available: 1964-65 Ford Falcon Retrofit  tilt steering columns.


Now Available: 1964-65 Ford Falcon Retrofit  tilt steering column. 4-speed or floor shift design

Steering Column Floor Mount, Adjustable, 2"- 2.25" Diameter, Classic Type

Classic style steering column floor mount fits 55-57 Chevy Belair or any vehicle needing to secure the column to the floor of the vehicle..

1970-74 Plymouth Barracuda and Dodge Challenger Tilt Steering Column

Retro fit tilt steering column available for 1970-74 Plymouth Cuda and Dodge Challenger. Available in plain steel, chrome or black powder coat. USA made!


Available for Specified applications. Helps tighten up your front end. A must when rebuilding your front end.

1963-65 Ford Fairlane Power Rack and Pinion Steering Conversion Kit

HOT NEW STEERING UPGRADE!  Take your classic Ford Fairlane to new heights with our bolt in power rack and pinion steering conversion kits.

Steering Column Shifter Knob, Polished or Brushed Aluminum

These trick looking steering column shifter knobs are simple way to improve the look of your interior. Available for All vehicles. These items fit 1969 and newer "GM" tilt and tilt with shifter columns.

Adjustable Power Steering Flow Valve

Adjustable power steering flow valve allows you to change the amount of line pressure going to your gear box, rack-n-pinion conversion or OE style power steering. If your Classic has sensitive steering or too much power steering this small item its the answer for you.

Adjustable Flow Valve Hook Up Fittings Kit

Available for all Vehicles.

Vega Steering Box

Available for: 1932-34 Fords, Chevy Hot Rods, Model A's and Many customized vehicles. Not recommended for vehicles over 2000lbs.

Steering Column Floor Mount, Deluxe Trim Kit with Boot
A great way to upgrade your Vehicle with our deluxe steering column floor mount with boot.