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Performance Online, disc brakes, suspension parts and steering components for Classic Chevrolet, Chevy, GMC, Ford, Buick, Oldsmobile, Merc, Mopar, Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler and Pontiac cars and trucks.


1960-66 Chevy C10, C20 Truck Power Steering Conversion Pitman Arm

As seen in Custom Classic Trucks magazine! Available for 1960-66 Chevy and GMC trucks. This pitman arm is designed to work with our popular power steering kit.

Adjust-2-Fit Adjustable Chevy LS Engine Adapter Kit with Poly Urethane Mounts

New!! Performance Online introduces the all new Adjust-2-Fit Chevy LS Engine mount adapters make swapping in an LS engine a breeze. These LS engine adapters allow .500" rearward adjustment for improved oil pan to crossmember clearance and up to 2.500" forward adjustment allowing for a nice range of custom installations.

1960-72 GMC Truck and Chevy Truck Chrome Power Brake Booster Kit 19287

Chrome power brake booster kit! Available for 1960-62, 1963-66 and 1967-72 Chevy and GMC pickup trucks. No major modifications required! Comes standard with a chrome plated master cylinder. Available for disc brake applications.

1963-70 Chevy C20 Truck Disc Brake Conversion Kit, Stock or Drop Spindle, 8-Lug Deluxe

CONVERT TO DISC BRAKES, LOWER YOUR TRUCK AND REBUILD YOUR FRONT END. This is the best disc brake conversion! Available for 1963-70 Chevrolet and GMC C20 trucks. Add 8 lug disc brakes to your truck with 2.5" drop or stock height spindles.

1968-74 Chevy 2 Nova, Power Steering Conversion Kit 19429

Available for 1968-74 Chevy II, Nova cars. Our deluxe kit is just what you need to upgrade to Power Steering!

Tie Rod End, INNER, 1960-87 Chevy C10, GMC C15 Truck

These quality tie rod ends fit 1960-87 Chevrolet and GMC C10 and C15 trucks.

1963-72 Chevy C10 Truck Deluxe Rear End Conversion Kit

New Item!  This kit is a must when swaping out the rear end in your 1963-72 C10 pickup.

1955-59 Chevy Truck Gas Tank Combo Kit, Aluminum, 19 Gallon, Bed Fill or Side Fill

These fuel tanks locate behind the rear axle and offer increased fuel capacity & safety. Available for 1955-59 Chevrolet-GMC-3100 trucks. Fuel injection upgrade available.

Available for General Motors power steering pumps with keyway type.
1967-69 Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird Shock Relocation Kit, Rear

NEW PRODUCT!! Rear shock relocation kit available for 1967-69 Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am car.

1967-69 Chevy Camaro-Pontiac Firebird Power Steering Conversion Kit 19432

Performance Online's deluxe power steering kit is just what you need to upgrade your steering! Available for 1967-69 Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird.


NEW ITEM! Helps to keep your car or truck running cooler, Available for All vehicles.