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Performance Online, disc brakes, suspension parts and steering components for Classic Chevrolet, Chevy, GMC, Ford, Buick, Oldsmobile, Merc, Mopar, Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler and Pontiac cars and trucks.


Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit, GM 10-12 Bolt Rearend, 12" Rotors 19182

GM 10-12 BOLT REAREND 12" BIG BRAKE KIT! Available for all Chevy cars including 55-57 Chevy Belair, 58-64 Chevy Impala, 65-70 Impala, 67-69 Camaro, 70-81 Chevy Camaro, 62-67 Nova, 68-74 Nova, 64-74 Nova, 64-72 Chevelle.

1968-74 Chevrolet Nova and Pontiac Ventura Tubular Upper and Lower Control Arm Set

Highperformance tubular cotrol arms available for 1968-74 Chevy Nova. These tubular control arms are designed for the performance enthusiast!

Mopar Disc Brake Conversion Kit, Fits 1962-74 Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge Cars

Add power disc brake to your MOPAR without major modifications! Available for 1962-74 Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth, A, B and E-body. Drop spindle option available see details. 


Performance Online Parts Catalog 2017 DVD

NOW AVAILABLE ON DVD!! PERFORMANCE ONLINE'S BOOK OF TRICKS 2017 Full Color parts catalog is a must when in the market for Vintage Brakes, Suspension Parts, Steering Conversions, Chassis components and Accessories items, which includes Headers, engine pulleys, power window kits and much, much more.

1967-72 Chevy Truck Power Brake Booster Kit for LS Engine Conversion

9" Power brake booster for both drum and disc brake applications. Available for 1967-72 Chevy and GMC C10 and C20 pickup trucks.

A must when doing an LS engine conversion is your C10!

1963-66 Chevy & GMC C10, C20 Truck Aluminum Radiator

HOT NEW ITEM! Now available are our 100% tig welded aluminum radiators. Rated to cool up to 1000 horsepower! Available for 1963-66 Chevy C10, C20, C30  trucks as well as K10 & K20 trucks - Also works for GMC with V8 engine

High Performance 12 volt Automotive Vacuum Pump 18721

Our vacuum pumps are great for power brake applications running a large camshaft that causes low engine vacuum. Helps increase vacuum to produce better braking performance and feel. Available for ALL vehicles!

Brake Fluid Fill Bottle

Available for All vehicles. Brake Fluid Fill Bottle with 90 degree spout.

Available for early General Motors through '84 power steering pumps with keyway type.
1949-54 Chevy Belair, FleetLine Rear End Conversion Kit with Shock Mounts

Swap the rear end in your early Classis with our rear end conversion kit. This kit allows you to run a late model rear end in your Classic 1949-54 Early Chevy Fleetline, Belair and Sedan car.

Includes shock mounts.

1948-52 Ford F-1 Truck Power Brake Booster Kit
Available for 1948-52 Ford F-1 trucks. Add power brakes to your truck without major modifications! Available for both drum and disc brake applications. Floor Mount Booster.
1962-74 Mopar A, B & E Body 2" Drop Spindles, Set

NEW PRODUCT! Available for 1962-74 Mopar, Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth cars. Add drop spindles to your Mopar without major modifications!