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Performance Online, disc brakes, suspension parts and steering components for Classic Chevrolet, Chevy, GMC, Ford, Buick, Oldsmobile, Merc, Mopar, Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler and Pontiac cars and trucks.


1958-64 Chevy Impala Performance Sway Bar Kit, FRONT

NEW classic front sway bar kit available for 1958-64 Chevy Impala, Belair and Biscayne. Improves handling and performance.


Market price: $129.99 save 23%
1958-70 Chevy Impala Disc Brake Conversion Kit, Rear, 12" Rotors, OE Rearend

Upgrade your classic to 12" C4 Corvette rear disc brakes. Fits the original drop out style GM rearend found in 58-70 Chevy Impala, Biscayne, Belair, Caprice fullsize GM cars.

Includes drilled, slotted, plated rotors, stainless hoses and PBR type calipers.

Market price: $649.99 save 15%
1964-72 A F X Body "Black Out Series" Disc Brake Conversion Kit, Fits Chevy Chevelle

NEW! "BlackOut" disc brake conversion available for A F X body 64-72 Chevy Chevelle, El Camino, Monte Carlo, Buick Skylark, Pontiac GTO, Le mans, Oldsmobile 442, Cutlass, GM car. 

Assembled for no extra charge. All upgrades included.

Market price: $499.99 save 20%
Disc Brake Conversion Kit, GM 10-12 Bolt Rearend, 11" Rotors

Our rear disc brake conversion is a great way to improve your stopping performance. Our kit fits GM 10-12 bolt car rearends.

Includes 11" rotors with 5 x 4.75" bolt pattern

Market price: $549.99 save 16%
1955-57 Chevy Belair Disc Brake Conversion Kit, 2" Drop Spindles

Drop spindle disc brake conversion fits 55-57 Chevy Belair & Nomad. Lowers your Classic Chevy a full 2" without affecting front end geometry. Assembled at no extra charge.

Free zinc plating with rotor upgrade.

Market price: $429.99 save 25%
1955-57 Chevy Belair Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit, 2" Drop Spindles

Add disc brakes to your 55-57 Chevy Belair, Nomad while lowering it 2" with our drop spindle disc brake conversion.

Free zinc plating with rotor upgrade.

Market price: $689.99 save 14%
1958-64 Chevy Impala Tubular Lower Control Arms

Tubular lower control arms available for 1958-64 Chevy Impala, Belair and Biscayne. Our tubular lower control arms are stronger than the stock arms and provide sway bar mounts not found on some control arms. 

Improves handling and performance.

Market price: $399.99 save 23%
1958-64 Chevy Impala Tubular Upper and Lower Control Arm Set

Our tubular upper and lower control arm kit is available for 1958-64 Chevy Impala, Belair and Biscayne. These tubular control arms improve performance and handling and are made in the USA.

Improves high speed stabilty and cornering.

Market price: $679.99 save 25%
1958-64 Chevy Impala Tubular Upper Control Arm Set

Premium USA made tubular upper control arm set available for 1958-64 Chevy Impala, Belair and Biscayne. A must for any performance Impala or for those running hydraulics. 

Improved geometry for better handling and maintains proper alignment.

Market price: $279.99 save 29%
1960-72 Chevy Truck Lowering Block kit, Rear, Aluminum

Obtain up to 2" drop on your coil spring truck with our proven extruded aluminum lowering block kit. Available for 1960-72 Chevy C10 and C20 trucks.

Includes zinc plated grade 8 ubolts.

Market price: $69.00 save 23%
1962-67 Chevy Nova Big Brake Conversion Kit, 13" Rotors, 2" Drop Spindles

13" Big Brake kit! Complete with C4 Corvette dual piston aluminum calipers. Includes 2" drop spindles.

Available for 1962-67 Chevy Nova and Acadian.

Market price: $899.99 save 11%
1962-67 Chevy Nova Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit, Stock Spindles

Power disc brake conversion kit available for 1962-67 Chevy Nova. Improve stopping performance and driver feedback.

FREE zinc plating included with rotor upgrade. Assembled for quality assurance.

Market price: $649.99 save 15%