How to Measure a Steering Column

February 26th, 2009

Overall Length – From the top of the upper sleeve of the column to the bottom shaft.

Tech Tip

Steering Wheel and adaptor: Most aftermarket steering wheels will need 2-4″ from the gripping surface of the wheel to the top of the outer housing of the steering column. Measure and mark the dowel. This is where the measurement of your steering column will have to be adjusted for your comfort.



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  1. jeff arrington says:

    need tilt shifter steering column for 1964 chevy truck c-10 i put power steering on it. which one fits my truck

    • admin says:

      These steering columns are really nice and are retro fit for your truck. You will need to purchase a wire harness adapter to complete the job. These columns are found in the steering section of our website and are listed by year span.

  2. phil kozee says:

    what woyuld be the best choice for the 55/57 truck ?

  3. Dave G. says:

    I am useing a 69 camaro full front clip on my 57 chevy truck – which has a ”behind the main crossmember steering box”

    question is which ( tilt w/ colume shift ) would you reccomend?

  4. Ray says:

    What length column would I need for my 34 Ford 3-window coupe?

    • admin says:

      We would suggest that you measure your setup and advise us. There are many factors involved in determining the length, like
      steering type, front suspension type or driver compartment modifications.

  5. paul linge says:

    my steering column is 40 inches from the outer housing to the end. all is in a straight line from the steering wheel to the end of shaft.

  6. Sterling somerville says:

    I bought a chevy 64 c10 with power steering which is great but the genius I bought it from used a steering column from a Buick and not sure from what. How can I measure and get the right column to fit and not pull my hair out trying to install.

    • admin says:

      Measure from where the steering wheel mates up with the steering column housing to the end of the output shaft.

  7. Doug says:

    Need to install a tilt, floor shift steering column in my 37 Ford (2 door) slantback. What would you recommend? Thanks for your help!

    • admin says:

      In this instance, we will need some measurements from you and also to know whay kind of steering system you are running. (stock or aftermarket power steering)
      Please contact one of our tech guys at 800-638-1703

  8. Troy Whitney says:

    Got a 64 c20 would like more room behind the wheel .how do I measure to get the cone the closest to the dash

  9. Bob Mathisen says:

    I’m building a 1929 extended cab pickup with a 350 and auto trans, what do you recommend?

    • pol says:

      Typically the most popular steering column for your type of application would be the 28-30″ length. However you must determine what is best for your personal liking.

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