60-70 Chevy Truck, Disc Brake Conversion Kit, 4.75 bolt pattern

April 22nd, 2009

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For Part #‘s (WBK5-6062 & WBK5-6370)

Read these instructions completely before installing this kit!!!
Before beginning installation, make sure your wheels fit on the disc rotor.

Make sure this kit fits your application before painting or plating. Parts that have been painted, plated or modified may not be returned.

Disc Brake Conversion Kit

This Conversion Kit uses the following rotors and calipers:


  • 69-72 Chevelle (or GM equivalent)


  • 70-81 camaro (or gm equivalent) when supplied
  • uses 79-81 Camaro with 10mm.

Bearings and seals:

  • A2 outer bearings
  • A13 inner bearings
  • 8705s bearing seals
  • mounting hardware
  1. Remove the old drum brake assemblies so all that remains are the stock spindles. Inspect the bearing surfaces on the spindle. If the spindle is grooved, a piece of 180-grit emery cloth can be used to clean it up.
  2. Install the bearing adapter onto the spindle. The adapter will need to be heated so it can expand for easier installation. This  can be achieved placing it in boiling water or setting it on a light bulb for about 5 minutes.
  3. Install the caliper mounting bracket on the spindle, with the caliper opening towards the rear of the truck.
  4. Take the inner bearing and slide it onto the spindle. If the bearing will not go on, use a piece of 180-grit emery cloth to take down the spindle.
  5. Remove stock inner race from rotor and replace it with the race supplied in the A13 bearing set. Grease all bearings and install them with the grease seal.
  6. Install the rotor onto the spindle and tighten the spindle nut. Install the cotter pin and dust cap.
  7. Install caliper with the bleeder pointing up. Make sure everything is good and tight and proceed to bleed the system.



27 Responses

  1. norm krenzer says:

    do you have a kit like this one for a 6 lug setup? we want to reuse the stock spindles and bolt a bracket…you are the only ones I have found that will even attempt to do this. Let me know….I have a 69 chevy pickup 1/2 ton long bed…with stock drum brakes…need something better.


    • admin says:

      We only offer this type of disc brake setup in the 5 x 4.75″ bolt pattern. We can set you up with a stock height 6-lug disc brake kit, but it would include new disc brake spindles.

  2. Stefan says:

    Im looking for a kit like this for a 85 chevy c10, converting the stock 5×5 bolt pattern to a 5×4.75. do you guys carry it?

    • admin says:

      We do carry a 5 x 4.75″ bolt pattern rear kit but it is designed to fit the GM 10 & 12 bolt type rear ends and the truck type has a different mounting flange. Are you running the original rearend?


    I did disc brake conversion in my C10 69 with upper control arms,dust shield, spindles,rotors and from a donor C10 80, I also install new lower ball joints ,new outer tie rods and 73 87 adjusting sleeves. the probem I found is inner tie rod is loose because is thiner than outer I solve the problem cuting old and new sleeves and welding half old and half new sleves. I think of this could be unsafe thats why I want to know if you have custom adjusting sleeves with the 67-69 size at one side and 73-87 size at the other side.
    thank you

  4. Larry says:

    I have a 62 chevy truck frame that has had 21/2 inch drop spindles added. Part of the disc break conversion was done however I am missing the calipers. The rotors are 12 inch 6 lug chev style. The mounting holes for the calipers are 7″ apart. Do you sell the calipers I need to complete this conversion?

  5. shaun just says:

    needing to know the bolt pattern for a 6lug 63 chevy c-10 long bed i believe it is im looking for my father

  6. BRUCE DITTMAR says:


  7. steven says:

    what is the bolt pattern for my 69 c10?

  8. Garrettt Edson says:

    I have a 69 Chevy C10 with a six lug drum pattern. I am interested in converting the front drum brakes to discs. I would prefer not to chang the spindals but at the very least want to keep the stock height. I have been told that the resident fluid presure needed for discs is lower than drums. do I need a new master cylinder or is there another solution and what is best? All advise is apreciated. Thanks

  9. Brian Williamson says:

    I have a 1960 Chevy Pickup Apache 10, Looking to upgrade to complete disc brakes and also going to a power steering setup. I am interested in purchasing them all from you and possibly a new steering column too. Currently, brakes are stock and it is a 6 lug setup. My installer said that I may need to do drop spindles to get to the desired ride height. What is the best way to go about this?

  10. les says:

    do you guys have a disc brake conversion kit for 8 lug

  11. Mike says:

    Hi there,
    I’m interested in purchasing a front disc conversion kit with spindles 6 lugs and power booster for a 1963 Chevy C10 truck
    If you can help please send costs.

  12. Stephen says:

    I’m looking for a kit for a 72′ Chevy c10, converting the stock 5×5 bolt pattern to a 5×4.75. Do you guys carry it? I have the original rear end with drum brakes and disc in the front. I need some way to convert the drum and disc pattern to 5×4.75. Any help will be much appreciated!

  13. Ray says:

    I have a 1962 chevy c10 I want to do a disc conversion with drop spindles. The stock spindles have a steering stop do your spindles carry the steering stop too?

  14. Pete says:

    I have a 1960 c14 panel van six lug pattern. I would like to drop the height front and back and convert to 4 way disc brakes. I can go to a Chevy 5 bolt pattern 5 on 4.75. I have been going crazy to find parts for this panel van. It has front trailing arm and independent with heavy duty springs, the rear has tracking arm and rear coil springs. I am ready to chuck the suspension for new and modern drive able suspension. Can you guys set me up to purchase the whole thing? Thanks for your help.

    • pol says:

      Performance Online can help set you up with the best disc brake and suspension system for your application. It would be best to speak with a sales tech as there are many factors we would like to go over with you for your 1960 panel van. You can contact us at 800-638-1703

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