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History of the Chevy C/K – 1963-1980

By December 19, 2011December 6th, 20122 Comments

When it came to reliability, durability and handsome looks, the Chevy C/K Series always delivered. The C/K represented Chevrolet’s full-sized pickup line from 1960 to 1999, making it one of the longest running automobile series in the U.S. market. These pickup trucks have proven to be very popular items among collectors throughout the world, since the Chevy C/K represents a quintessential piece of American life.

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The Introduction of the Chevy C/K Series

A Restored 1964 Chevy C10

A Restored 1964 Chevy C10

The first-generation C/K appeared in 1960 with the new body style and a new designation system for trucks made by the American automobile manufacturer. The “C” designation in front of the series number for the truck denoted a two-wheel drive setup, while the “K” designation indicated a four-wheel drive setup. First generation C/K pickups were available with several six-cylinder and eight-cylinder engines, along with a standard “Fleetside/Wideside” bed or a fendered “Stepside/Fenderside” bed. The first generation underwent a major facelift that resulted in the elimination of the wraparound windshield, among other changes. Classic Chevy truck parts are in high demand for first generation C/K pickups, since these vehicles are highly collectable for their good looks and the early GM history they represent.

The Second Generation Chevy C/K–A Truck Lover’s Dream

Fully Restored 1970 Chevy C10

Fuly Restored 1970 Chevy C10

The second-generation C/K debuted in 1967 with a major redesign, one that earned it the nickname “Action Line.” Along with this thorough body redesign came the addition of comfort features that weren’t seen in most trucks until then, including sound deadening and upgraded interior accents. The second-generation C/K pickups offered an independent front suspension with coil springs for “C” pickups, while “K” pickups used a live axle on all four wheels. Redesigned powertrain components allowed the 1967 C/K to adopt a lower look while retaining transfer case to ground height.

The C/K was available with a number of engine choices; buyers could choose between the 250-cubic inch and 292-cubic inch six-cylinder engines and a 283-cubic inch and 327-cubic inch V8. After 1968, the 307-cubic inch V8 would replace the 283-cubic inch V8 and a 396-cubic inch V8 would be added as an option. Also available was the Longhorn, a specially designed 3/4-ton C/K pickup that could accommodate camper bodies up to 12-feet in length. In 1971, the C/K would be the first pickup on the market to feature front disc brakes as standard equipment. The second-generation C/K pickup proves popular with collectors today thanks to its attractive styling and excellent drivability. As a result, there are plenty of classic Chevy truck parts available for those who aim to keep their trucks in showroom stock condition or create a unique customized design of their own.

Just as the second-generation C/K represented a major break from the first-generation, the third-generation distinguished itself with a completely-new clean sheet redesign. Thanks to their relatively smooth appearance, created to encourage better aerodynamics and fuel efficiency, these trucks came to be known as the “rounded-line” generation. The third-generation had a healthy choice of engines, including the 350-cubic inch and 454-cubic inch V8 engines. The third-generation C/K would enjoy a 14-year run before being replaced by the fourth and final generation of C/K pickup trucks.

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