Tail Gate Latches, Stealth Hidden Type, 1947-87 Chevy Truck and 48-64 Ford F-1-F-100 Truck

January 6th, 2015


1. Use latch to determine where to mark your drilling locations.

Drill and slot holes, as shown in diagram. A 5/8″ hole on the side of the tail gate roll. A 3/16″ h x 1″ w for the latch lever to operate, along with a 3/16″ drilled hole to bolt the latch in place.

2.Remove adjustable latch nob and bolt. Slide latch into place and tighten in bolt through 3/16″ hole. Bolt in latch nob.

(Latch may need to be tack welded in place).

3. Once latch is installed carefully slide the mechanism into the open position.

4. Close the tail gate.

5. With the tail gate closed, “snap” the latch open and closed. The point on the latch end is used as a mark to drill your bed side. Drill a 7/16″ hole. Install rubber grommet in bed side hole.

6. NOTE: Some tail gates are not closed on the end as shown. This will require some fabrication on your part.