Featured Vehicle: 1973 Dodge Challenger

February 4th, 2019

“Hi guys at POL! I am building a 1973 Dodge Challenger that has been with us since 1989. Started off as a 383 big block Chrysler with 727 torqueflite transmission. I drove it to high school and after it sat for a while until I had the idea of just having a car with a nice paint job. It didn’t turn out that way i ended up over the years redoing this entire car. At the time I had the 383 rebuilt and transmission as well up until about 2 years ago when a 6.1 hemi deal came across and it was something I had to have. The 383 came out and the heart transplant began. I got the 6.1 to fit and 545rfe trans was a larger then the 727 but I got it with a little bit of fabrication work . I recently went ahead and redid the front suspension with the new combo and ordered the POL drop spindles for chrysler e bodies . They so far have worked like a champ and it’s been an awesome car to drive with it’s transformation. I have left interior work and the ac/heat but i’m glad to be nearing the end of this project to help the LS swap on Dad’s 73 Chevy Camaro. 🙌🏼 ” – Ryan

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