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HYDRO-BOOST Hydraulic Brake Assist System, 1948-52 Ford F1 Truck, Firewall Mount

HYDRO-BOOST Hydraulic Brake Assist System, 1948-52 Ford F1 Truck, Firewall Mount
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1948-52 Ford F1 truck Hydro Boost® power brake booster kit is even smaller then the 7" or the 8" vacuum booster in use currently. Generates 1000 to 1800 psi to the calipers depending on the volume of fluid transfer from master cylinder.

The Hydro-Boost® is powered by hydraulic pressure from the power steering pump. It requires 'no vacuum'. This has several advantages. No external vacuum pump required on low vacuum high performance motors. No 'small bore' master required. Firewall and valve cover clearance is increased. Frame mounted clearance is increased.

Frame mounted Hydro-Boosts® are the same width as a master cylinder, giving additional exhaust clearance.
The Hydro-Boost® can be fitted any where a vacuum booster will fit. It can use stainless braided hoses or rubber type and brackets are available for most applications.

The Hydro-Boost® uses fluid pressure from the existing power steering pump. The average power steering pump puts out from 800psi to 1400psi. The Hydro-Boost® uses this pressure that is always circulating through it, to convert to pressure to apply against the master cylinder. The output of the Hydro-Boost® is affected by three factors.

1. The pedal ratio. We prefer that the pedal ratio be between 4:1 to 6:1.
2. Pressure output from the pump.
3. Master cylinder bore diameter. These are factors necessary to design the system that will work for a given application.

Kit includes:
• Hydro Power brake booster
• Master cylinder
• Prop valve (disc applications only)
• Mounting brackets
• Prop valve bracket and lines
• Limited Lifetime Warranty

Stainless Hose kit with fittings sold separately, Add $259.99. Please specify.
Rubber Hose kit with fittings also available, Add $$209.99.


Note: These are remanufactured Bosch Hydro-Boost® units. These are not chinese imported units commonly found. Hydro-Boost® is a registered trademark of the Robert Bosch Corporation

Product fits: 1948 49 50 51 52 Ford F1 Truck

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