Front Disc Brake Conversion Line Set, Universal

Our disc brake conversion line set is a must for the brake conversion of your vehicle. Designed to work with our complete disc brake kits.

Brake Light Switch with Fitting

This brake light switch is a must when modifying your brake system and no longer using the original brake light switch.

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Stainless Steel Fuel and Brake Line Clamps, Single

Stainless steel single line clamps. Available in many configurations and sizes. Includes mounting screws

Stainless Steel Fuel and Brake Line Clamps, Dual

Stainless steel dual line clamps. Available in many configurations and sizes. Includes mounting screws

Rear Disc Brake Conversion, 11" Rotors, Ford 9"

Ford 9" disc brake conversion fits small and big bearing designs. Wheel bolt patterns are 5x4.75" and 5x4.5"

Brake Pedal Assembly, Thru Firewall, Universal

Universal brake pedal assembly available for Hot Rods, Street Rods and Classis trucks.

Hydro-Boost Power Brake Booster

Hydro Boost hydraulic brake assist is developed the answer to all of the power brake issues associated with low vacuum engines.

Emergency Brake Cable Junction Bracket

Our emergency brake junction bracket makes installation of brake cables clean and easy.

Universal Firewall Mount Power Brake Booster Kit
Universal firewall mount power brake booster kit available for all vehicles. This item is part of POL's New Product line.
7" Chrome Power Brake Booster wiith Master Cylinder and Zinc Brackets

Add a Power brake unit to your vehicle without major modifications! This booster is a universal application. Works great with custom projects!

Big Bore GM Metric Disc Brake Caliper

New Design GM big bore metric S10 brake caliper. New larger bore size offers more than a 20% increase in stopping power. SOLD IN PAIRS.

GM Disc Brake Pads, Performance Ceramic Type, D52

Wagner High performance ceramic disc brake pads fit large GM D52 calipers found on most GM cars and trucks from 1969-91 model years.