Product Release: 2005-06 Ford Mustang Cross Drilled Rotors.

September 9th, 2010


The engineering team at Performance Online, Inc. (POL) has constructed another brake through! 2005-06 Ford Mustang Cross Drilled Rotors. Their newly designed cross drilled brake rotors are state-of-the-art for your 2005 and 2006 Ford Mustang’s. These rotors offer superior braking ability in any situation, up to 17% increase in stopping power and last 3 times longer (in test conditions) than stock rotors. When stock rotors are used in an aggressive manner they can heat up to the point when they actually “glaze” the brake pad. This glazing effect decreases the brake pads efficiency and causes brake “fade”. Whereas with POL’s rotors and the Cross Drill Technology, provide increased surface area, venting for air flow and allow created gases to escape, which equates to cooler brake temperatures, better performance and increased efficiency.

Performance Online, Inc. (POL)

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