Product Release: Power Brake Hydroboost

September 9th, 2010


Performance Online, Inc. (POL) has developed the answer to all of the power brake issues associated with high performance vehicles. POL’s Power Brake Hydroboost is even smaller then the 7” or the 8” vacuum booster in use currently. It can generate 1200 to 2000psi to the calipers and any master can be fitted from 15/16” to 1 5/8” bore sizes. The Hydroboost is powered by hydraulic pressure from the power steering pump. It requires ‘no vacuum’. This has several advantages. No external vacuum pump required on low vacuum high performance motors. No ‘small bore’ master required. Firewall and valve cover clearance is increased. Frame mounted clearance is increased. Frame mounted Hydroboost’s are the same width as a master cylinder, giving additional exhaust clearance. The Hydroboost can be fitted any where a vacuum booster will fit. It can use stainless braided hoses or rubber type and brackets are available for most applications. The Hydroboost uses fluid pressure from the existing power steering pump. The average power steering pump puts out from 800psi to 1400psi. The Hydroboost uses this pressure that is always circulating through it, to convert to pressure to apply against the master cylinder. The output of the Hydroboost is affected by three factors. Pedal ratio preferably between 6:1 and 7:1. The pressure output from the pump. The master cylinder bore diameter. These are factors necessary to design the system that will work for a given application. It is imperative that the system be clean. Any residual metallic sediment laying in an old pump or steering box, will be floated up and through the system when the fluid comes through on start up. If any of this sediment lodges in the relief valve of the pump, there will be no pressure from the pump. This will result in hard steering and no power brakes. A filter or a new system is required to maintain any warranty. These are new units, and carry a one year warranty. Any metallic residue found in the unit will void warranty.

Performance Online, Inc. (POL)

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