February 2nd, 2012







NOTE: Read these instructions carefully! Important: This kit is assembled for shipping purposes only! Be sure to check all nuts and bolts for adequate torque prior to use. Don’t forget!


  1. Remove old clevis and brake light switch from brake pedal.

  2. Remove original master cylinder and/or booster assembly.

  3. Remove original brake pedal.

  4. Drill (2) – 3/8” holes, (1) – 1/2” lower and (1) -1” lower in brake pedal from original pedal pin. (These 2 locations will allow you to change your pedal ratio to fit your needs. Note: OE pedal pin may need to be removed.

  5. Mount booster to existing firewall holes. Note: Booster mounting brackets are slotted to allow push rod alignment when positioning pedal pin.

  6. Install new pedal pin into the hole you had drilled into the pedal.

  7. Reinstall brake light switch onto pedal clevis.

  8. Reuse all plastic pedal bushings and install pedal clevis onto brake pedal pin.

  9. Make sure there is no preload on booster pushrod/clevis.

  10. Plumb brake lines accordingly.

  11. Bleed brakes. Enjoy!

Note: Prior to bleeding brakes it is required to bench bleed master cylinder.