62-67 Chevy II/Nova, Adjustable Shock Towers

January 20th, 2009
  1. Remove original shock towers and mounting studs.
  2. The new shock towers are assembled at the highest setting possible. Before installing, check to make sure that the shock washers and bushings fit into the new shock tower. You may need to file them down. Do not modify the shock tower as it will void the warranty.
  3. Install the supplied shock tower mounting bolts.
  4. Making sure the shock is fully extended, install the new shock tower onto shock stud and compress the shock  downward until the tower rests on the fender panel. Note the towers will only fit one way on the mounting bolts. We suggest prefitting them before installation.
  5. Install upper shock bushing and washer and tighten. Replace billet cap and check for hood clearance.  Note: we have found that the overall height should not exceed 4-1/2” tall. Hoods may vary, and if you are running a fiberglass hood you may trim hood for additional clearance.
  6. Very important note: You must use a good quality grease, molylube or antiseize on the threads before you attempt any type of adjustment.
  7. Double check all nuts and bolts for tightness.
  8. Your are done, enjoy.
  9. Fine tuning your front end rise will help minimize bumpsteer which will allow the car to make straighter passes down the quarter mile and in turn will lower your E.T.s. Many other factors also contribute to the handling of the car. Call us at 800-638-1703 if you have any questions.



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  1. kenny eagle says:

    I have a 1963 nova and i would like to rais the front suspenson 2 or 3 inches does any one make custom lift spindels? i found drop spindels and i dont want to replace the entire front end with a straight axel.

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