Lowering Blocks

April 24th, 2009


Part #204

  1. Block the front wheels and raise the rear of the car, placing jack stands under the frame just ahead of the rear suspension.
  2. With the car elevated on the jack stands, place a floor jack under the rear axle and raise it just until the weight is taken off the    rear springs.
  3. Doing one side at a time, remove the U-bolts.
  4. Raise the rear axle with the floor jack to provide space for the lowering blocks directly under the axle.
  5. Carefully insert the new lowering block between the underside of the axle housing and the top of the trailing arm. Then, hang the new longer U-bolts over the axle, guiding it through the holes in the lowering block, trailing arm and the bottom shock  mounting plate.
  6. Install the nuts and the washers onto the U-bolts, torque to factory specifications or 75-85 ft-lbs.
  7. Repeat the procedure for the other side, remove the jack stands and lower the car to the ground.
  8. Re-torque the U-bolts after 200 miles and 500 miles.

Tools Required:

  1. Floor Jack
  2. Jack Stands
  3. Socket Set
  4. Torque Wrench

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