April 24th, 2009



  1. This bracket is designed to be used with the non-metric Chevrolet pumps with attached reservoir. Most pre ‘69 V-8 pumps have a single groove pulley attached with a nut, while the later V-8 pumps can have either a single or a double groove pressed on pulley. Either style may be used. Most short water pump applications use a crankshaft power steering pulley that bolts over the existing pulley. This should align with the power steering pump pulley.
  2. Loosely attach the lower bracket to the lower threaded stud protruding from the power steering pump and the engine as shown.
  3. There are two possible ways to mount the lower bracket depending on your needs. There is a lower position and a higher position. The difference is the location of the hole that attaches to the pump in relation to those that mount to the engine. To assemble the kit in the lower position, simply flip the lower mounting plates over.
  4. Loosely attach the adjusting arm bracket to the pump and the engine. Use 1/8” washer between the spacer and the water pump on the adjustment bracket.
  5. Verify the fit of your belts with the bracket positions and then tighten all the bolts and adjust the belt tension as normal.

NOTE: Some Engine Blocks may need to be drilled to mount the power steering bracket. The bracket can be used as a template for marking the holes. Use a 3/8-16” tap and drill holes 11/16” deep.


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  1. DAN Stancik says:

    I have a 72 GTO that I want to convert to power steering(presently manual) what will I need to do to fit bracket for pump on to the block. The block is a 455 pontiac with
    ram air. Will your conversionn kit fit and what will I need to modify as far as the conversion installation.Do you have a bracket that will fit this motor.
    Thank you
    Dan Stancik

    • admin says:

      Hello, All of our items will work including the pump, however you will have to obtain your own pump mounting bracket to fit the 455 Pontiac motor. Try All American Classics at 800-955-4999. They have a great selection of used parts for all classic vehicles.

  2. Ross says:

    how much clearance is there between the harmonic balancer and end of bracket? I have gone to a bigger balancer and old bracket wont fit

  3. Chuck says:

    On a ps808 bracket what is the distance ceneter to center on the bolt holes where it mounts to the head?

    • admin says:

      The distance between the mounting holes is 2.25″. However, the lower hole is ovalized .750 to compensate
      for variations in the block.

  4. Robby says:

    To go to the high mounting position, how do I flip the lower mounting plates correctly? The holes on one plate are sunk for the bolt heads and can not be oriented in any other way.

  5. JON HANLEY says:

    looking to do a complete rack and pinion set up on my 1956 chevy truck from steering wheel to tie rods. do you have a complete kit pump, brackets, hoses, etc?

  6. Doug Urban says:

    I have a ’74 CJ-5 with a 304 V8. Will this bracket fit my engine and power steering pump?

    • pol says:

      The item specified is for a small block Chevy engine. At this time we do not carry any power steering pump brackets for the 304 v-8

  7. JoJo says:

    I have a 383 that I’m switching to power steering, however I will be using a serpentine belt system. Will this fit using a serpentine pulley? Thanks

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