Texting at the Car Show

September 5th, 2012

A classic Pontiac Le Mans owner arrives at a Car Show early in order to get this good display spot.

Then, the next classic car, a ’40 Ford shows up and grabs the second stall…

Next, this car plows through. She was texting while driving through the mall parking lot!!!

She was soooo busy texting, she didn’t notice the curb and shrubs she was about to jump. She never touched the brake, and kept her foot on the gas pedal even after impact.

They live and text among us, folks.


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  1. alan says:

    That is so sad,all that time ,effort and sentiment in those vehicles and it was taken away by a selfish person with a cellphone ,if theres any justice in the world she will get jail time as well as loss of license and insurance…..cost of the vehicles is over ly large and irreplaceable to say the least ….should be a felony…

  2. Dan Smithana says:

    Value is much beyond the dollars involved—hours of hard work and nostalgia. And I recall Paul Galvin (founder of Motorola in 1928) told me the government wanted Radios in autos to be outlawed—too much distraction!!! He worked hard to get this idea reversed and now we have TEXTING !!! I had one of the first radios installed (control head) on my steering column of ’32 Plymouth business coupe (with suicide doors).

  3. Biff says:

    People who do this should have their license revoked for life with no chance of reinstatement. On top of paying for fines, have to pay for the cost of having these works of art restored to there previous condition at a professional custom rod shop of the plaintiffs choosing… Regardless of the end cost.

    Then after this is done… The owner gets to take them out to barn for a while… with no witnesses!!!

  4. Jason says:

    ahh… women

  5. John T. says:

    I had a 68 El Camino in 92, spent three days polishing it up for the car show, went to the dead end down the road from my house, parked with my back to the guard rail, then as I began to get out of my car a young lady doing 90MPH on the dead end road topped the hill ,slid 263 feet and hit me head on. My beautiful SS396 was destroyed. I agree, get these idiots off the road!!! So distracted she thought she was on the main highway. There was nothing left to save.

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