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Pro Street Chevy Chevelle SS

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November 5th, 2018

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November 5th, 2018

1968 Plymouth Barracuda Classic Car

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November 5th, 2018

Black Plymouth Barracuda Prostreet Classic Muscle Car

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November 5th, 2018

Featured Classic: 1971 Plymouth Barracuda

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November 5th, 2018

Featured Classic: 1969 Plymouth Barracuda 440

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November 5th, 2018

Featured Classic: Rare 1970 Plymouth Barracuda with 426 Hemi

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November 5th, 2018

Raffle Donations Are Pouring In For POL’s 2017 Open House!

Preparation for Performance Online’s 3rd annual 2017 open house is gearing up!  Our team has been hitting the streets with local vendors for raffle donations.  Here is a current list of company donations for this years raffle:

  • Creative Souls Art Lounge – 2 qty. $31 gift cards
  • Gold Eagle
  • Home Depot – BBQ
  • Kyndy’s Donuts – donating donuts the morning of the show
  • O’Reilly’s Auto Parts – 4 buckets of goodies (car wash, etc)
  • Rock & Brews – T-shirts & gift cards
  • Rocky Mountain Chocolate – $20 gift card
  • Skull Canyon Zip Line – 2 qty. $85 value tickets
  • The Hot Dog Shoppe – $25 gift card
  • Tim Kennedy – Virtual reality headset
  • Napa Auto Parts – Napa Toy Semi-truck
  • Bear Alignment – 2 qty. gift certificats
  • The Woodshed – T-shirt
  • Sta-bil – Goodie bags
  • Hagerty – Goodie bags
  • Speedway Motors – Goodie bags

Mark Christoper Chevrolet also stepped up to the plate and delivered a great amount of toys for our Toys for Tots donation.  This is a great start towards our donation and we are excited to be able to help make some children smile.  Don’t forget to bring an unwrapped toy to add to our donation to Toys for Tots.

Mark Christopher Chevrolet Toys for Tots Donation

The 2017 Performance Online Open House is coming up quickly.  Don’t forget to pre-register your vehicle to be displayed at our open house.   Please click here to pre-register your vehicle for our show.

September 8th, 2017

Performance Online at the 2017 BROTHERS Truck Show & Shine

This year POL sponsored one of the largest Classic Chevy & GMC Truck Shows in the world. We brought down our very own home built POL C10 to the show and were happy to be able to hang out and talk shop with a bunch of fun people. It was a great turn out with over 500 classics! Check out the photo gallery below to get an idea of some of the awesome rides.

August 31st, 2017

ClassicCars.com Article Featuring Aldan American C10 Build Using POL Trailing Arms

The Harmola brothers, owners of Aldan American, have a 1971 C10 build that was featured on an article on ClassicCars.com.  This ground up build is centered around building a C10 race truck that can match the handling and performance of a new Corvette!  Utilizing modern suspension design with state of the art Aldan American adjustable coilover shocks, the Harmola brothers will do just that.  Plans for the build include IFS suspension up front with Aldan American coilovers and upgraded rear coilover suspension in conjunction with Performance Online rear trailing arms.  They plan to utilize Wilwood disc brake conversions at all four corners of the truck to help them with braking performance after performing an LS motor swap with a T-56 6speed manual transmission.

Parts acquired for this truck include Performance Online’s exclusively designed rear tubular trailing arms which were designed for increased strength while keeping weight to a minimum.  Another great feature of the trailing arms is the ability to easily attach a rear sway bar.

Click here to see our 1960-72 Chevy C10 Extreme Performance Trailing Arms

In conjunction with our tubular rear trailing arms, they opted for our adjustable trailing arm crossmember that has built-in Anti Squat provisions.  The crossmember (pictured below) gives you 4 different positions on the trailing arm mounts to allow for adjustment with anti-squat.   This crossmember works exceptionally well with lowered vehicles and conveniently bolts into the stock location of your C10 truck.

Click here to see our 1963-72 Chevy Truck Trailing Arm Crossmember with Anti Squat Provisions

For more information on the Aldan American C10 build article within ClassicCars.com, please click here!

August 28th, 2017

71 Dodge Charger

71 Dodge Charger
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October 24th, 2014

Disc Brake Bracket Kit, 1955-68 Chevy Car, Sm GM Caliper

Make sure this kit fits your application before painting or plating.
Parts that have been painted or modified may not be returned.
1. Jack front of vehicle and support it properly with jack stands.
2. Remove the wheels, brake drums, hub assembly and backing plate assembly!
3. Clean and prep the spindle. See fig. #1.
4. Mount the caliper bracket onto the spindle using the supplied bolts and spacers in
the kit. (Note the brackets should face the rear of the vehicle and the spacers go
between the spindle & steering arm as shown in fig. #2 and #3. (58-64 vehicles
require the use of additional supplied spacer between caliper bracket and spindle).
5. Pack the wheel bearings with good quality disc
brake bearing grease and install the seals.
6. Install the rotor, outer bearing, retaining washer,
and spindle nut. Torque the spindle nut to
12ft/lbs while spinning the rotor, then back the
nut off to nearest slot and install cotter pin.
7. Install the grease caps, calipers and brake
hoses. Make sure the bleeder screws are on top
of the caliper.
7A. Due to the variations in brake pads, you may
need to modify the wear sensor to clear the
caliper mounting bracket.
7B. Due to steering arms being spaced inward toe in will have
to be set. We recommend 1/8” toed in. Also turn stops will
need to be modified to regain full trun radius.
8. You are done at the wheels. Enjoy!
Stock drum brake wheels may not work with
disc brake conversions. Drum brake wheels
were not made with disc brakes in mind, so
there may be wheel to caliper clearance
problems. Before installing this kit, make sure
your wheels fit the brake assembly.
For those of you wanting to keep stock wheels
that interfere with the installation, there are
companies such as the ones listed below that
can remove the original wheel centers and reinstall
them into a new disc brake rim. Please
contact them directly for more information.
Wheelsmith (714) 556-3861
Wheel Vintiques (209) 251-6957
Stockton Wheel Service (209) 464-7771
This kit uses:
1969-72 Chevelle or GM equivalent rotors.
1979-86 Malibu or GM equivalent calipers.
Inner bearing is an A-6 or set 6.
Outer bearing is an A-2 or set 2.
Grease seals are 7934S national.
Fig. #4
Anchor Bolt Spacer
(For use on 59-64 and 65-68 ONLY)
1955-68 CHEVY
Note: all brackets mount toward the rear of the vehicle.
©2003-14 Copyright. Performance Online, Inc.

October 16th, 2014

Clean Chevelle SS

Clean Chevelle SS

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August 24th, 2014

#corvette #toplesstuesday http://ift.tt/1laLkqd

#corvette #toplesstuesday http://ift.tt/1laLkqd

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July 29th, 2014

1969 Camaro SS for sale http://ift.tt/UHZ5p4

1969 Camaro SS for sale http://ift.tt/UHZ5p4

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July 28th, 2014

’64 Impala… Just too sick. This car was for sale a while back……

’64 Impala… Just too sick. This car was for sale a while back… Has the original 230ci inline 6, original interior, and original chrome and stainless. http://ift.tt/1l97Yz3

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July 14th, 2014

Find #deals on #classic #car #parts at performanceonline.com!…

Find #deals on #classic #car #parts at performanceonline.com! Huge sale this weekend only. http://ift.tt/18Obc8E

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November 29th, 2013

1969 #Dodge #Daytona. http://ift.tt/188zl4J

1969 #Dodge #Daytona. http://ift.tt/188zl4J

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October 22nd, 2013

’62 #Chevy #Belair / ’63 #Ford #Galaxy. Which would you choose?…

’62 #Chevy #Belair / ’63 #Ford #Galaxy. Which would you choose? http://ift.tt/19oJ22M

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October 21st, 2013

1964 Plymouth Belvedere #plymouth #belvedere #classiccar

1969 Plymouth Belvedere #plymouth #belvedere #classiccar #classic #car #automotive #restoration #hemi #musclecar http://bit.ly/17ewVC5

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October 8th, 2013