General Questions

What is your return policy?
All sales are final. Merchandise may be returned only with the consent of Performance Online. All returned merchandise is subject to a 20% restocking fee. All returned items must be shipped freight prepaid, as our shipping department is not authorized to accept freight collect shipments. No returns after 30 days.
Do you combine shipping?
Yes, depending on items ordered.
When can I expect my order to arrive?
Most orders ship out within 48 hours unless assembly is required. Brake boosters, disc brake kits and some steering components require assembly due to the many options available. Please allow an extra 24hrs for assembly. For USA orders allow 5-7 business days to receive product if ordering with ground shipping. For out of country orders, please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your order depending on the shipping method used. Occasionally due to popularity certain items do sell out inevitably from mail and dealer orders. You can confirm shipping time after purchase at 1-800-638-1703.
How much is the Shipping and Handling Charge?
Shipping cost varies depending on zip code. Please supply us with your zip code and we can get you the accurate shipping cost.
Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do. Again please provide us your complete address and we will try to work out the most economical shipping method to get you our products. Or please call for shipping quote.
What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept payments by Paypal – Visa – Master Card – Discover – Amex – Cashier’s check and Postal money orders. Personal checks are accepted but will be withheld until verified. To pay by major credit card or for questions about an item call 1-800-638-1703 (toll free) or e-mail us
What type of shipping do you offer?
We provide our choice of daily UPS ground shipping to the continental 48 states. We offer USPS for Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, P.R. & U.S.V.I. but you must email or call for a shipping quote to your location. The quote will be in excess of the standard shipping charge. We do ship to international destinations, using Air. We do not ship to P.O. Box’s.

Technical Questions

GM aluminum prop valve kit

I have a 68 Firebird with disc/drum brakes, will this replace the differential pressure valve & prop valve?
Yes, this will replace your setup.
Do you have preformed lines to go with this valve?
We do have a very nice mounting bracket and pre-bent line set, Cost is $19.

1955-64 Chevy Belair/210/150/Impala/Biscayne

I’m putting a 454 in a 57 Chevy wagon with 2″ drop spindle is the standard spring the one I need and could I use your 1 1/2″ drop spring for the rear?
You need to run our big block spring. You will not be able to run our economy 4 leaf lowering springs. You have to run our full multi leaf setup.

13″ disc brake wheel kit

Can you supply the rotors in gold plated?
Yes. $50 upgrade per pair.
Can you supply 1/2 20tpi studs instead?
Will the wheel track width change at all after fitting this kit?
Yes, approx. 3/8″ on each side.
Do you have to use the 13″ brake rotors, or can the spindles be used with the 11″ system?
Yes, you can use the 11″ rotors.

Front 3-way adjustable shocks

Can these shocks be used for street & strip?

Power steering conversion kit

With a rack and pinion upgrade, would I need to modify the column? I am looking for something that I could always return to stock if I were to remove it.
Rack and Pinion would require some drilling and possible welding. If you stick with your stock spindle than the kit would be approx. $150.00 less. This kit works with factory pitman arm. Still needs column modification. Needs a rag joint & pulleys.

Power steering conversion kit

Does the 605 gear boxes require a modification to the stock steering column?
Yes, Stock column has to be shortened. Approx. a 4″ section has to be removed then welded back together with a new steering shaft and rag joint. Cost is $199.
Do you supply a rebuilt manual steering box for a 55 Chevy Sedan?
No we don’t. But we can rebuild yours. Cost $190

605 steering gear box

Do you offer a box that is set to give proper clearance to headers or manifolds for big block Chevy?
If you go with a big block the exhaust is going to be tricky. In any case the 605 would still be your best bet.
What ratio is the gear box?
16:1 ratio.
Is the bracket welded or bolted on?
Bracket bolts on, some welding required.
Do you have these available with the long stock steering shaft?

55-57 500 series Gear box

How does this box compare to the Concept one box?
Performs just as good, at a fraction of the price.
Will the fourth mounting hole stick up above the frame?
No, extra hole was for material machining
How will your box mate up to my Ididit tilt column?
This box will replace your 605 and mount up to your column no problem.
Are the hose fittings the same as the 605?
Yes, same hoses, rag joint and pitman arm.
Is this a direct bolt in for the 605?
Yes, direct swap.
Do you have a steering box for a ’53 Chevy Belair?
No, however we can rebuild yours if the core is good, for around $200-$250.

Steering Column

What else do I need to install a column into a 62 Biscayne? I am putting in a 605 conversion kit, which includes the rag joint and coupler shaft.
You will need a wire harness adapter, Steering U-joint to connect to the column, and a ‘DD’ Intermediate shaft.

55-64 Disc brake conversion kit (sm. caliper)

What is the bore diameter of the master cylinder that works best with this kit?
1″ bore will work fine.
How far will your kit set my wheels outward?
Moves wheels out approx. 1/8″ on each side. 3/4″ total. Any disc conversion using the 69-72 Chevelle rotor will move the wheels out.
Does this kit include brake pads?
Will this kit work with 15″ wheels?
Will this kit work with stock 14″ wheels?
Can I use a different rotor that wont stick out 1″ more than stock?
Unfortunately, no.
Do you use the stock spindles with this kit?
Does this kit set the wheels out closer to the fenders?
Yes, 3/4″.
What else is required for conversion? Do I need to use a power booster?
This is everything you need at the front wheels. You would still need to get either a dual master cylinder & prop valve kit or power brake setup.
What size are the calipers and rotors for the small set verses the large set?
The rotors are the same for both kits (11″). The “sm.” caliper works well and has about 80% of brake pad surface area compared to the large caliper.
If I used a drop spindle off an S-10 on my Impala, would this setup fit the spindle?
No, and neither will the spindles because the Impala lower ball joint is upside down and the S-10 isn’t.
Do you sell a conversion kit from drum to disc for a 54 Corvette?
Yes, we sell a disc conversion for this car. You will need to run a master cylinder adapter kit. Kit will include the master cylinder, prop valve and mounting bracket & hardware to the pedal.

55-64 Disc Brake Brackets

I have a wagon with heavy duty 3″ drums on the front, will the brackets work?
The brackets should work fine, as the location of the backing plates is what allowed for the larger drums.
Do you need power brakes to convert to front disc?
No, but you do need to run a disc master and proportioning valve setup.
I want to raise my front end on my 57 Chevy 2dr. hardtop; Do you make coils for this? Will big block springs raise my front end? How much over stock?
The only thing we can do is set you up with big block coils. They should raise it approx. 1″.

Front Coil Springs

What is the static height (free height) of these springs?
16.393″, Rate=327 lb/in.

52-57 Front sway bar

Will this work with 2″ drop spindles?
Yes, with the end link style that bolts to the lower control arm, the sway bar will work with both stock and lowered vehicles.

58-64 Front Sway bar

Will this bar mount in the original location on a ’62 Chevy w/power steering?
Where are these sway bars made?
Addco in USA.

58-64 Rear performance sway bar

Would this sway bar fit on a narrowed Ford 9″?
The sway bar mounts to the rear control arms. As long as they are not moved, it should work.
How and where does this sway bar mount?
Mounts to the rear lower trailing arms, similar to the way the factory Chevelle bar mounts.

Rear disc brake kit

Do the rear discs move the wheels out further and if they are fit 11″ rotors and calipers so I can clear 13×7 reverse wire on my 64 Impala?
The rear discs move the wheel out about 3/16″-1/4″. They should work with your wheels depending on the back space.

55-64 12″ Rear disc brake wheel kit

What size rotor conversion do you offer that are compatible with these 12″ rears for the front of a 64 Impala and what master cylinder would be needed?
We offer a 13″ setup for the front in a 2″ drop spindle. As far as the master cylinder we also offer the appropriate type. It’s a corvette 1″ bore.
I am running a Romac floater kit on a 9″ diff, would these rotors fit over the floater hub? How does the hand/emergency brake work?
This kit only works with the original. The hand/emergency brake is lever action.

55-64 rear disc brake kit (OEM original)

Will these fit a 64 Impala Wagon?
Why do these kits cost more than the front kits?
Because the rotors have to be specially machined and the calipers have the e-brake mechanism which costs about 3x the amount of a front caliper.

Drop spindle disc brake kit Complete

Do the spindles set the front wheel out any more than the stock ones do? What lug pattern do the rotors have?
Moves the wheels out approx. 1/8″ on each side, the bolt pattern is 5×4.75″.
I have a 1960 Impala, I have 17″ rims. Will this affect the wheel?
The kit will only move the wheels approx. 1/4″ out.
I have 64 Belair with a 230 engine, would like to change braking system to discs and 2″ lowering kit on front but would like to use 18″ low profile tires?
No problem. You need to use our 58-64 Drop spindle disc wheel kit.
Who is the manufacturer of these kits? I am looking for quality and safety.
The spindles are made for us. The rotors and calipers are economy brand items. If you want we off a premium upgrade to Raybestos rotors and pads. And Timken bearings upgrade price is an additional $149.

58-64 Tubular Upper control arms

How good will these work with McGaughys 2″ drop spindles?
Very well! Helps with alignment issues.
Do I need new shafts or can I use the stock shafts?
You may use the stock shafts. We recommend using offset shafts, improves alignment.

Stock spindle disc brake kit complete

Do you have this kit for a 64 belair 2dr. hardtop?
Yes, except that it is a little cheaper in price and you reuse your original spindles. Cost is $598.10. You will have to purchase a conversion line kit or make your own.

Front Coil Springs

Do you have front coil springs for a 62 impala 2dr. hardtop with a 283 auto?
Yes, cost is $99 a pair.
What is your standard front coil spring rate?
Our standard front spring has a 304lb rate.
What is the length of the stock springs?
Approx. 18.500″

Power brake booster kit

I have installed all new original style drum brakes front and back, also using the original generator power steering pump. I need a power brake booster & master cylinder that mounts to the firewall as original M/C.
You will not be able to install our power brake booster due to clearance issues. You can use our Master cylinder and check valves (inline) instead.
I have a 64 Impala with 4 wheel drum brakes, will your power booster work with them?
You cannot install a power brake booster on drum brake vehicles, due to clearance issues. You can use our master cylinder and check valves (inline) instead.
Do you have just the brackets that bolt the brake booster to the firewall?
Yes, they cost $19.99 a set.

55-57 19 gallon gas tank

Do you have a gas tank that will work with fuel injection like an LS1?
Yes, this is a custom tank with the pump built inside, Cost $280 and $20 for an extra return line bung.

55-57 Chevy motor/engine side mount Bracket kit

I have a ’55 2 door hardtop with a seamed frame, does this require a special order?
Not a special order, just need to specify stock location or 3/4″ forward.

1965-70 Chevy Full size

Rear sway bar

Do you have a front and rear performance sway bar for a 1985 Caprice?
Yes, the front bar is 1 1/8″ dia. and the rear is 1″ dia. Cost is $119 each and includes bushings and hardware.

65-70 Drop spindle disc wheel kit

What size are these rotors?
With your kit, can I use my original booster and master cylinders?
If your car is original front disc than yes, If not, you can use your booster, but you need to switch the master cylinder over to our disc brake master cylinder and prop valve kit, cost is $139.99. And this will bolt to your original booster.
What years/cars were the rotors and calipers originally for?
79-81 Malibu rotors, 82-92 Camaro calipers.
Is there a need to change the front springs, shocks, etc.?
No need, unless they are worn out.
Is it normal for the steering arm to turn into the lower control arm, when the wheel turns inward?
Yes, you will need to modify the steering arm with a small hand grinder, this will be stated in our instruction sheet.

Upper A-arms

Do you know of any one that makes Upper A-arms for 70-75 Chevy full size cars?
We can get you a good used one. If you are interested let us know and we will quote you price and shipping.

65-68 Disc brake conversion brackets

Could you tell me if this kit moves the wheels outboard? What has been changed in the design?
Yes, they move the wheels out approx. 3/4″. The design is just a cleaner look than the original, not as bulky.
Will this kit bolt right up on my stock drum spindles?
Yes if you have 3/4″ spindle nuts.

2″ drop spindles for original brakes

Will this work on a 65 Impala?
Unfortunately if you want drop spindle you must run disc brakes.
Will they work on drum brakes?
No, disc brake conversion will be mandatory with drop spindles.
What spindles would drop the front of my Impala 2″ or more?
We can set you up with drop spindles and 1.5″ lowered coils. If you go with dropped spindles you need the appropriate disc brakes as factory items will not fit.

High performance dual piston calipers

Will these calipers fit my 68 Impala? It came with 4 piston calipers from the factory.
Information will be needed. Spindle nut must be standard 3/4″ GM nut. Also mounting point measurements. (Center of anchor bolt to center of steering arm bolt should be approx. 6 1/2″).

67-70 Brake booster kit

Is this like power brakes? It takes me almost 2 feet to stop, will this make it easier?
Absolutely! The size booster will give you greater effects. We recommend 8″ Dual.
What is the benefit of the brake booster if I convert the front drums to disc brakes?
You can re-use your booster, we will need to replace the master cylinder and prop valve. We recommend the power booster, as a disc system requires a little more line pressure. The discs will improve your brakes and be much more efficient.

1962-79 Chevy II/Nova

62-67 2″ Drop 13″ disc brake kit

Is it possible to get the kit without the dropped spindles?
No, sorry our kit fits the drop spindles exclusively.

62-67 Upper control arms

Do your 62-67 Upper control arms use stock ball joints and stock size/diameter mounting bolts in the cross shaft to the inner fender?
Yes they use stock ball joints.

Front coil springs

Will these work with a 62 Nova convertible with a 6 cylinder engine?
Yes we will use #6080 for the 6 cylinder, and they will work perfectly.
Is there an easy way to tell if I have stock front springs?
Take them out and measure how tall they are from top to bottom, stock will be a measurement of 14.96″ free height. Inside diameter will be 3.820″. Bar diameter 0.593″. Install height 10.50″. Spring Rate 274 (lbs/in.)
Do you have springs for a 67 Nova with a 396 BB?
Yes. Cost is $99, must specify big block.

62-67 rear 4-link subframe kit

I am comparing your 4-link kit to TCI’s, does your suspension require cutting the floor pans out?
There is no floor cutting required.
Can I install this kit with a mini/full tub?
You will be able to run the mini tubs. The 4 bars mount to the inside of the original leaf springs, we do recommend running the weld in pan hard bar.
How much HP can this handle?
Approx. 500-900 drag.
I have a 620HP for my 63 Nova II, I have plans to run low 10’s, can I use this setup?
Yes the kit is good up to approx. 900 HP.
What is the max width wheel you can use with this kit?
You can run about a 10″ tire with some slight mods to the wheel opening. This kit mounts the 4 bars in the same location as the original springs, you gain the difference in the thickness of the 4 bar as opposed to the leaf spring.
Does the pan-hard bar replace the sway bar?
Are the 4-link arms bushed or spherical bearings?
Is this kit designed to lower the car or keep it at stock height?
It can either keep it at stock, or lower it 2.5″-3″ adjustable.
What is the size of this kit for shipping reasons?
Weighs approx. 115 lbs. total. Comes in 5-6 boxes.
Does this weld into the rear subframe?

Oil Pan

Do you have an oil pan that will fit late model SBC engine for 66 Chevy II?
Do you have a oil pan for BBC?

2″ Drop spindles

Do you have to use an aftermarket steering arm, or can you use the original?
Depends on the year of Nova. If it is a 68-74 with OE single piston caliper disc, yes use OE steering arms.
Do you carry 3″ drop spindles for a 1975 Chevy Nova?
No. We only carry 2″ drop. For additional drop go with our 1.5″ drop coils.
Would 1970-78 Camaro spindles work on a 1975-77 Nova?
What brand are your spindles?
Either McGaughy’s or Western.
Which rotors and calipers are required?
79-81 Malibu rotors or equivalent (62-74 Nova) 82-92 Camaro calipers. Factory rotors & calipers are used on the 75-79 cars.
Can you use stock caliper brackets, or do you have to use your aftermarket caliper brackets?
With slight modifications the stock caliper brackets and dust shields will fit.
I have a 70 Nova SS big block and would be interested in lowering the whole car a couple of inches, what would you recommend?
Our Front OM 2″ drop spindles, machined caliper & dust shields. And for the rear, lowered leafs either multi or mono.

Performance Rear sway bars

Are there any drilling or mods. need with your sway bars?
You are putting a sway bar on a vehicle that never had one, you will have to drill 4 holes.
Who is the sway bar manufacturer?
Are they powder coated or painted?
They are gold zinc plated.

62-67 Strut rod kit

Does this kit help reduce toe in?
Yes, This kit reduces front end deflection. By reducing the deflection it will help with front end alignment variations.
3-way Adjustable shocks
What is the length of the shock fully compressed and fully extended? 9.00 Compressed, 14.25 Extended.

1964-88 Chevy GM A-body

I own a 64 Buick special and I am trying to buy a kit that will fit with no problems or extra stuff. How do I know if I need a single or dual diaphragm? I just want to buy a kit I can take to the shop and they can install with out obvious needed parts. Can you help?
You can use our 1964-66 Drop spindle disc brake kit complete. To really make it easy, you can use our conversion line set for $119. If you want more power brake feel, then go with the 8″ dual diaphragm booster.

64-72 stock spindle disc brake kit complete

Are these aftermarket style stock height spindles, or original style with bolt on steering arms?
These are the OE type with the bolt on steering arms.

2″ drop spindles

What would I need to install your spindles on my ’78 El Camino?
You will need to change the rotors and bearings over to the 79-81 version. We can supply these.
Will these accept factory brakes?

Who manufactures the drop spindles? Western.

Do you have 1-2″ drop coil springs for a 76 Monte Carlo? Are they powder coated?
Yes, we have drop coils in 1 1/2″ drop. They come painted black.

64-72 Drop spindle brake brackets

Will these work with drum brake spindles? Are these for stock Chevelle type calipers?
They will not work with drum spindles. Yes, they do use the stock calipers.

Steering Column

I have a 65 El Camino, what is needed to install a steering column?
You will need the following components: Coupler to connect the column to the original intermediate shaft. And a wire harness adapter. There are two ways you can go. First you can cut the existing shaft off, use our coupler and hook it up to the column. Or you can use our complete intermediate shaft kit. It consists of the rag joint collapsible shaft and coupler.
Do you have a steering column for floor shift with key up on column? Does the key switch look like the GM one?
We do carry that setup, but the ignition does not look like the GM.

Pulley Systems

Looking for a system that fits a 350 with a/c and power steering to fit a 66 Chevelle. Power steering pump on driver’s side, a/c compressor on passenger side, and alternator on driver’s side.
Our most popular for your application is our Wide Kit with power steering. Our part # POLSCW01P. and is polished.

1967-81 Camaro/Firebird

4-link sub-frame

Do you have a Rear 4-link sub-frame kit for my Camaro? I already have frame connectors; will it take the place of them?
Yes, we can set you up with our Traction bar kit which emulates a 4-link kit. Cost is $349. It does not replace the frame connectors.
I have a Studebaker with a Camaro front clip under it. What is the difference between a ’78 and a 1979-81?
The outer bearing is larger on the 1979-81.

Performance rear sway bar

Do you carry a performance rear sway bar for a 1979 Trans Am?
Yes, the bar is 1″ in diameter and cost is $119.

67-81 Front Sway bar

Are these any different from the stock 1 1/4″ sway bar for 79 Firebird?
If you have a 1 1/4″ bar then there is really no advantage other than the poly bushings that come with it. We do have a really nice 1 3/8″ diameter hollow bar which would make a good improvement in weight and performance.

2″ Drop spindles

Is there a difference in outer bearing inside diameter between the 70-78 and the 79-81 (front clip)?
Yes, there is a difference. 1970-78 outer bearing inside diameter = .750″ (3/4″ ID) and 1979-81 outer bearing inside diameter = .875″ (13/16″ ID).
I have a 71 Camaro with factory front disc brakes. Will these work with factory brakes?
Do you carry a set of spindles that are stock height? Are they forged or cast?
Yes we do. They are forged factory items.
Will the 2″ drop spindles for original brakes work on my 81 Firebird? Are there any modifications?
Yes it will work, there are no modifications necessary, and it is a direct bolt on.
What’s the difference between your 2″ drop spindles for disc and your 2″ drop spindles for Original brakes?
Our 2″ drop spindles for disc use newer rotors and calipers. Our 2″ drop spindles for Original brakes use the original disc brakes.

67-81 Front coil springs

Do these provide a true 1.5″ drop?
Yes they do.
Would these fit a 572 HP engine Firebird?
Yes, just specify big block.
What kind of ride quality can I expect?
The ride quality will be nice. The spring rate will be increased some because they are lowered springs, which should offer a little better handling.
Do you have a power steering conversion kit?
Yes, the kit would include gear box, Pump, pump bracket and hoses. There are other items needed also. Pulley, rag joint and pitman arm. We will need to know engine size and if you are going to run the stock steering column or not. If using a stock column, it will need to be shortened by sending the outer tubes to us, Includes rag joint.

1947-55 Chevy/GMC/3100

47-55 Fuel Tank

Do you have a tank that will accept a 1994 Chevy engine which requires pump in tank?
Yes, you need to specify that you want it for E.F.I. There is a cost difference of $280, and it will take 4-6 weeks to special make this tank.
Will your aluminum tank bolt right up to the chassis?
Yes, there is drilling and so forth involved. Keep in mind you are modifying the truck substantially.

47-87 High performance dual piston calipers

Will these fit my stock spindles?
Yes, slight modification of caliper brackets will be needed.
Do they mount to the spindle, or to a bracket?
They are a replacement for the original calipers.
How can you tell if my clip is from a ’78 or ’79 Camaro?
If it’s a 1978 the ID of the outer bearing will be 3/4″. If it’s a 1979 the ID is 7/8″.

Steering Column

I have a 47 Chevy with a Mustang II IFS installed, do you know which length works best with this setup.
We like to run a 30″ or 32″, preferably 30″

1955-59 Chevy/GMC/3100

55-59 Rear 4-bar kit

Who is the manufacturer?
Do you sell the sway bar kit that works with this?
Yes, we can get you the rear bar.
Do you sell the boxing and C-notch plates?
Yes, we carry these. Cost is $59.99
Is this kit for 3″ axle tubes?
Yes, and it comes with a weld on pan-hard bar.
I have a mid 90’s GM 10 bolt rear-end, will this kit work with the smaller axle tube diameter?
Yes, it is actually designed for the 10-12 bolt and Ford 9″ with 3″ diameter axle tubes.

55-59 Chevy 19 gallon fuel tank

What else is needed to install this tank on a 58 Chevy Apache 3100?
You will need one of our fuel fillers and a sending unit to complete the install.
Do you carry the built in fuel pumps for fuel injected motors? I’m installing a LS 6.
Yes, you need to specify that you want it for E.F.I. There is a cost difference of $280, and it will take 4-6 weeks to special make this tank.
Will this tank accommodate a GM CPI high pressure fuel pump?
You will need to special request an E.F.I. tank. See above.
What is the width of the 55-59 19 gallon fuel tank?
When you mention side fill tank, are you referring to the outlet coming from the tank or are there some other parts/hoses that will allow me to use my original filler hole up by the door?
We are referring to the fill spot on the tank. It would be very hard to use the original filler on the cab.
Is this tank usable for a multi port fuel injection system?
Yes, however you will need to run the Barry Grant fuel pump for TPI.

55-59 front sway bar

How far does the sway bar stick out front from the holes that the links go into?
Approx. 10 1/2″
Will this sway bar bolt up ok using a stock straight axle?
Yes, it is designed for the straight axle.
Do you have a sway bar for a 55-59 task force truck? 1/2 ton 3100 short bed with straight axle?
Yes we do. The cost for the front sway bar is $139.99 and cost for the rear sway bar is $185.99.
Do you have a power steering conversion kit for a ’58 Pickup?
Yes, the kit would include gear box, box mounting brackets, pitman arm, P/S pump, pump brackets and hoses. Then depending on what you do for a steering column we can set you up with the rest of the items needed. Most guys run an aftermarket tilt setup.

1960-87 Chevy/GMC/C10/C20

71-87 Rear 5-lug disc brake kit

Do you offer a kit for a 1990 model 6-lug?
A 1990 model truck has 5-lug. Unless it is 4WD. If this is the case we will need to know if your truck has 10″ or 11″ drums. Kit includes 11.5″ rotors.

73-87 Rear sway bar

Will this sway bar work on a 91 Blazer?
I have a ’64 Chevy truck that’s been updated with a 12 bolt rear from a ’73 truck, what sway bar do I use?
You need to run the rear sway bar for 1963-72 Chevy trucks. Part # RSBK6372.
What is the width side to side on a 63-72 rear sway bar?

63-87 Front sway bar kit

I have an 85 Chevy C10, it did not come with a sway bar it is lowered 5″ in the front. Will this bar work for it?
Yes, because of the style of bar we use, it is made for lowered trucks.
Do you have a sway bar for a ’72 K10?
Yes, they are the same as the ones listed.
Is there any welding or drilling required to install the front and rear sway bars?
Yes, there is slight drilling required.
What pitman arm should I use to make this work?
Use a power steering pitman arm from a 68-72 truck.

Complete Power Steering Conversion Kit

Do you have a complete power steering conversion kit for a ’61 Chevy truck?
Yes, Comes with: Gear box, pump, gear box brackets, power steering brackets and hoses. You will need a pulley and rag joint, sold separately.

Steering Column

Would an ’85 steering column fit my ’75 Chevy truck? Would it need an adapter?
Yes, it should work. We do not sell any adapters for this type of thing.
Do you have a steering column that would fit a ’62 Chevy panel truck with a 700r trans?
Who is the manufacturer of your steering columns?
Do you have a steering column for a 81 Z28 4-speed?
Yes, you need to specify the following: 1. Length from under steering wheel to end of the shaft, where the column meets the intermediate shaft in the engine. 2. Tilt or not. 3. Ignition or not. 4. Chrome or plain steel.
What does it mean that the original shaft must be cut to be made into a DD? Does this mean I can’t simply swap out my existing column?
Yes it means you need some modification to the steering DD shaft for the aftermarket column to work. The DD shaft will simply have 2 flat spots shaved off of the ends. Simple to do, with standard garage tools.


I have a ’71 1/2 ton, how do I know if I have heavy duty rotors?
All 1971-72 trucks are heavy duty rotors. You can check them by measuring the thickness of the disc. It should be 1 1/4″.
What do you have to lower the rear of my ’63 GMC short bed?
For this application we do lowered leaf springs and/or lowered coils. Coils available in 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″ drop. Cost $99. Leaf springs, Cost $379. You will also need a set of shocks.

63-72 Tubular lower control arm set

What is the dimension of the control arm shaft end to end?
Same as stock.
What is needed for these arms to work on my ’67 C10 2wd running air bags?
Since you are running air bags you will also need the spring cups, cost $89 pair. And the spacers.
Are they a complete assembly including control arm shaft and bushings and ball joint?
Control arms come with cross shafts. Ball joints are an extra $25 each.
Do you have lower and upper arms for a ’78 Chevy pickup?
Only uppers are available. They come with cross shafts and uses your stock ball joints.

71-72 Chevy 2.5″ drop spindles

Would 8-lug rotors from a 1972 C20 fit on these spindles?
C20 (3/4 ton) drop spindles will take a 71-87 8-lug Chevy rotor and caliper bearing components.
Do you sell spindles for 1970 4×4 8-lug trucks?
For stock, yes. For drop, no.

63-72 Chevy truck 19 gallon fuel tank

Do you have the flush mount for the fuel cap & neck sleeve?
Yes, we do have a nice polished stainless steel fuel fill for it.
Will I need any other parts to install?
We have available the filler hose. Cost $9.95 per ft. Clamps also available, $1.50 ea. 2 required. Sending unit, Cost $59. Inquire on discount if purchasing with tank.
Is this tank baffled for fuel injection?
I have an air bagged ’72 C-10 that is so low, when aired out it sits on the ground. Will this tank clear without hitting the ground?
How about if you need to add a pump for fuel injection, if engine is upgraded to LT1 or LS1 with injection?
Yes we can do it, you need to specify that you want it for E.F.I. There is a cost difference of $349, and it will take 4-6 weeks to special make this tank.