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1949-54 Chevy Belair, Fleetline


Brake Pedal Assembly, Thru Firewall, Universal

Universal brake pedal assembly available for Hot Rods, Street Rods and Classis trucks.

1949-54 Chevy Belair, FleetLine Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Power disc brake conversion kit available for 1949-54 Chevy Belair and FleetLine cars. This is the best and easiest way to convert your vehicle to disc brakes.

Our 1949-54 Chevy Sedan brakes are some of the best on the market. Adding disc brakes or power brakes really improves the performance and stopping power on any Chevy Sedan / Early Chevy Car. Rear disc brake kits, Power brake boosters, Master cylinders, disc brake components, brake line kits, brake cables and more.
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