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1958-64 Chevy Impala Tubular Control Arm & Coil Over Suspension Kit, Stage 3+

Hot New Chevy Impala Coil Over Front Suspension: Available for 1958-64 Belair, Biscayne and Impala.  100% USA manufactured

Coil Over Shock Thrust Bearing Kit

Aldan American Coil Over Shock Thrust Bearing Kit

Front Coil Over Conversion 1963-82 Corvette & 1958-70 Impala

Upgrade to Hi-Peformance Coil Over front suspension for your 1963-82 Corvette & 1958-70 Impala. "Direct Bolt In" 

1958-64 Chevy Impala, Suspension Handling Kit, Stage 2 with Coil Springs

Stage 2 suspension handling kit available for 1958-64 Chevy Impala, Belair, Biscayne cars. Improves handling and driver feedback. 

1958-64 Chevy Impala Drop Spindles, Lowered 2"

Lower your car the proper way with our 2" drop spindles. Available for 1958-64 Chevy Impala, Belair and Biscayne. Lowers vehicle 2" without affecting front end geometry. Requires disc brakes.

GM Style Upper Control Arm Bump Stop Set, Pull Through Type, Poly Urethane

These round pull thru upper control arm poly urethane bump stops are great for all GM replacement applications as well as customs too.

1958-64 Chevy Impala, BelAir, Biscayne, Lower Control Arm Bump Stop, Ea.

Original replacement lower control arm bump stop available for 1958-64 Chevy Impala/Belair/Biscayne.

Our 58-64 Chevy Impala/Belair/Biscayne/Caprice full size car suspension parts are the best on the market. 1958-64 Chevrolet fullsize cars really perform with our suspension components. If you own a 1958-64 Chevy Impala you will love our suspension kits. We have ball joints, center links, coil springs, control arm shafts, front & rear shocks, bushings, front end suspension kits, idler arms, leaf springs, Mustang II suspension, rear end components, drop spindles, sway bars, tie rod ends, tubular control arms & air ride suspension.