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1963-72 Chevy Truck, GMC Truck Aluminum Fuel Gas Tank, 19 Gallon

1963-72 Chevy Truck, GMC Truck Aluminum Fuel Gas Tank, 19 Gallon
40.00 lbs
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Performance Online's fuel / gas tanks are designed to fit between the frame rail and rearward of the axle on 1963-72 Chevy / GMC trucks. By moving the tank out of the cab, you gain much needed room to allow for further customization, also increases fuel capacity and safety!

Made of heavy gauge aluminum, these tanks offer a light weight design and are fully baffled. 
Vent bung size is 1/4"NPT. Fuel feed bung size is 3/8"NPT.

Available in side or bed fill, please specify.

• 19 Gallon aluminum fuel tank
• All mounting hardware

For the Added E.F.I. option allow up to 6-8 weeks, this is a special order.


1. Jack rear of truck and support the axle with jack stands.
2. Remove the bed of the truck.
3. Locate the spare tire crossmember. This is the narrow piece of channel held on by rivets just behind the shock crossmember.
4. Remove the spare tire cross member by drilling out the rivets and pressing the rivet out with a punch.
5. Using a floor jack maneuver the new tank into position. The tank locates just behind the shock crossmember with the step down portion of the tank facing the rear of the vehicle.
6. Once positioned, use large "C" clamps to hold the tank in place. Drill the frame with a 3/8" drill bit using the mounting flange holes as guides.
7. Position mounting straps on top of the lower portion of frame rail as seen in diagram.
8. There are extra locations for fittings to be placed. Make sure to vent the tank so that vent tube sits higher than tank. If you have purchased a side fill tank, you will need to "C" notch the top of frame to allow for clearance of the fill. The "C" notch plate is included with the tank.

• Top Fitting - 1/4" Pipe
• Pick-up (bottom) Fitting - 3/8" Pipe

We also offer the trap door style tank that comes with a chrome cap installed on it. Bed fill only. Add $35.

Note: Any alterations to the tank, whether it is omitting or adding, there is a minimal of $69 upcharge. Please inquire.

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