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Rear Suspension Parts


1967-69 Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, 1968-74 Nova Shock Relocation Kit, Rear, No Shocks

Rear shock relocation kit available for 1967-69 Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird. Additional tire clearance and better rear brake options can be used.


1968-74 Chevy Nova Shock Relocation Kit, Rear

Rear shock relocation kit fits 1968-74 Chevy Nova and Pontiac Ventura. Moves shocks inboard of leaf springs


Cal Tracs Traction Bar Adjustable Wrench

Make adjusting your Cal-Tracs easy with a set of correct wrenches.


1963-67 Chevy Nova Drag Pac Suspension Kit

Drag Pac racing suspension kit available for 1963-67 Chevy Nova.

Great for drag racing.


1968-79 Chevy Nova Drag Pac Suspension Kit

Drag Pac racing suspension kit available for 1968-79 Chevy Nova. Great for drag racing.


1968-74 Chevy Nova Traction Bar with Shock Relocation Kit and Adjustable Drag Shocks

Performance rear shock relocation kit with traction Bars & 9-Way adjustable rear shocks. Relocates shocks and allows more tire clearance. Fits 1968-74 Chevy Nova


1963-79 Chevy Nova Cal Trac 2200 Traction Bars

The best traction bars on the market available for 1963-79 Chevy Nova. 


Leaf Spring Lowering Block Kit, Extruded Aluminum

Extruded aluminum lowering blocks are stronger than billet. Works on 3" diameter axles and lowers vehicle up to 3"


1962-74 Chevy Nova Leaf Spring Ubolt Kit

High quality grade 8 ubolts available for 1962-74 Chevy Nova rear end suspension. 

We recommend new ubolts any time you change you leaf springs.


1962-74 Chevy Nova Rear End Axle Seats, Set

When changing rear ends in your leaf spring muscle car, it is always a good idea to install new spring axle seats. Available for 1962-74 Chevy II/Nova car.


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