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Borgeson Steering Boxes

Borgeson Steering Boxes

Borgeson has been manufacturing steering universal joints for the industrial, automotive, military, and aerospace industries since 1914. The company continues to improve its original needle bearing U-joint into the one of the best u-joints available for high performance automotive applications. In 2001, Borgeson purchased Mullins steering gears and expanded its line of steering components. Today, Borgeson is one of the industry's leading sources for steering boxes, columns, shafts, and bearings. Borgeson also offers a complete selection of power steering parts, including power steering pumps, reservoirs, brackets, pulleys, and complete conversion kits. No matter what your steering needs, you can turn to Borgeson for nearly 100 years of proven design, quality, and performance.


1955-57 Chevy Belair Power Steering Gear Box Conversion, Delphi 600 Series

Power steering gear box fits 1955-57 Chevy Belair. Gear box is based on the Delphi 600 Series steering box. Made in the USA


1955-57 Chevy Belair Saginaw Gear Box 525 Billet Top Cap
Available for 1955-57 Chevy Belair, 210, 150, full size cars. "Dress-up" side cover with a radiused edge design. Billet top cap for 525 manual box.

1962-82 Mopar Power Steering Gear Box Steering Column Adapter

This steering adapter is a must when converting to power steering and retaining your factory steering column on your 1962-82 Mopar


1963-82 Chevy Corvette Power Steering Conversion Box, Delphi 600 Series

Integral power steering gear box fits 1963-82 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. These high quality power steering gear boxes offer great driver feel and come standard with a 12.7:1 sport ratio


1965-66 Ford Mustang Power Steering Conversion Gear Box

New power steering gear box available for 1965-66 Ford Mustang with 289-302 V-8 and 200-250 6 cylinder engine. Available in "Sport" steering ratio.


Borgeson Power and Manual Steering Rag Joint Coupler Deluxe

This item is required when adding power steering to your muscle car or Classic Vehicle.


1962-82 Mopar Power Steering Gear Box Conversion, Quick Ratio

This steering gear box is used when converting to power steering. Available for 1962-82 Mopar A, B, C E and F body. Available in "sport" steering ratio.


1965-77 GM High Performance Power Steering Gear Box

All new performance power steering gear box has a quick 12:7 to 1 ratio and utilizes the latest in steering technology. Fits 1965-77 Chevy Impala, Chevelle, Camaro, Nova1, Pontiac GTO, Firebird and many GM A, F, X body vehicles.  


1967-70 Ford Mustang and 60-65 Ford Falcon Power Steering Gear Box

Power steering gear box available for 1967-70 Ford Mustang and 60-65 Ford Falcon with 289-302 V-8 and 200-250 6 cylinder engine. Available in "Sport" steering ratio.


1962-67 Chevy Nova Power Steering Gear Box Conversion

This power steering box directly replaces the old manual gear box. Fits 1962-67 Chevy Nova. Available in "sport" steering ratio. 


Manual Steering Gear Box, Blueprinted 525 Series

Available for All '64 and up GM vehicles. Brand New OEM manual steering gear box. Includes 3 year warranty!


1968-72 Chevy Nova Manual Steering Gear Box, 525 Series, Blueprinted

Manual steering gear box available for 1968-72 Chevy Nova. Includes 3 year warranty.


Borgeson - Single Needle Bearing Steering Universal Joint

These needle bearing steering universal joints are a must  when adding power steering or adding a tilt steering column to your classic. Available for All make and model vehicles. Deluxe Borgeson type.


Needle Bearing Universal Joint and Intermediate Steering Shaft Kit

Available for most any vehicle. Just what you need to connect your steering column to you rack-n-pinion or gear box.


1968-78 Chevy C10 Manual Steering Gear Box, Blueprinted

Available for 1968-78 Chevy 1/2 ton pick-up. Includes 3 year warranty!