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1947-59 Chevy Truck Power Steering Conversion Kit for 6 Cylinder Engines

Power steering conversion fits 1947-55 and 1955-59 Chevy, GMC 3100 trucks with 216 or 235 6-Cylinder engines

1962-82 Mopar Power Steering Conversion Kit, Small Block Mopar

Deluxe power steering conversion kit available for 1962-82 Mopar.  Designed to work with 318, 340 & 360 Engines

1963-67 Chevy Nova Idler Arm Bushing

Available for 1963-67 Chevy Nova.

1965 Mercury Comet Tilt Steering Column, No Shifter

Now Available: 1965 Mercury Comet Retrofit tilt steering column. This is a tilt steering column for use with a 4-speed or floor shifter.

1965-66 Chevy Impala Belair and Biscayne Power Steering Rack and Pinion Conversion Kit

HOT NEW Steering parts! Available for 1965-66 Chevy Impala, Belair and Biscayne full sized cars. Love your Chevy, but hate the way it steers?

1968-75 Chevy and GMC Truck 4 Wheel Drive Power Steering Gear Box

NOW AVAILABLE!  1968-75 Chevy and GMC 4-Wheel Drive replacement power steering gear box.

1973-87 Chevy C10 Truck Power Steering Rack and Pinion Kit

HOT NEW ITEM! Available for 1973-87 Chevy, C10, GMC, C15 trucks. Love your truck, but hate the way it steers? Our new power steering rack and pinion kit will greatly improve your handling and steering, while maintaining road feel.

Power Steering Hose kit For LS Power Steering Pumps, Stainless Steel

Power steering hose kit for GM vehicles running an LS motor & power steering. Fits all popular Delphi & Saginaw power steering boxes and rack-n-pinions

Power Steering Pump and Alternator Bracket Kit, Chevy 216 & 235 6 Cylinder

Power steering pump & bracket kit available for the Chevy 6 Cylinder 216 and 235 engines. Available for 1963 and older model GM vehicles.

Includes new power steering pump

Power Steering Pump Bracket Kit, Small Block Mopar 318, 340, 360

 NEW!  This power steering pump bracket is a must when converting your Mopar to power steering. Available for All vehicles using a small block 318, 340 or 360 engine.

Power Steering Pump Kit - 49-51 Ford Flathead

Ford Flathead power steering pump kit with bracket and pulley. Fits 1949-51 Ford

Power Steering Pump Kit - Ford 6 Cylinder, 200 & 250

1965-70 Ford 6 cylinder power steering pump kit with bracket and pulley. Fits 200 and 250.