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Performance Online is constantly adding to its steering product line. To compliment to the overall feel of your vehicle, we offer tilt steering columns, power steering gear boxes, custom steering wheels and many other steering components. Our power steering conversion kits and power steering pumps are all high quality components! POL's new 600 Series gear boxes have proven to out perform the overseas inferior 500 series gear sold by some of our competitors and come with a limited lifetime warranty! Thanks for shopping!


Intermediate Steering Shaft, 3/4"DD X 36" long

Used to connect steering column to steering box when converting or upgrading your steering system. Available for All vehicles.

Needle Bearing Universal Joint and Intermediate Steering Shaft Kit

Available for most any vehicle. Just what you need to connect your steering column to you rack-n-pinion or gear box.

Power Steering Pump Bracket Kit, SMALL Block Chevy Engine

This power steering pump bracket for small block Chevy's is highly recommended when converting to power steering. Available for All vehicles using small block Chevy engines.

Rag Joint Steering Shaft Coupler (RJC01) 18878

NEW EXCLUSIVE DESIGN!! Available for All vehicles. These steering shaft couplers are ideal for those converting to power steering or adding a new steering column to your classic car or truck. Patent Pending.

Single Needle Bearing Steering Universal Joint, Borgeson

QUALITY USA PRODUCT! These needle bearing steering universal joints are a must  when adding power steering or adding a tilt steering column to your classic. Available for All make and model vehicles.

Rag Joint Coupler for Power and Manual Steering Gear Boxes

These rag joint couplers are required when adding power steering to your muscle car or Classic Vehicle or when rebuilding your original manual steering system