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Performance Online, disc brakes, suspension parts and steering components for Classic Chevrolet, Chevy, GMC, Ford, Buick, Oldsmobile, Merc, Mopar, Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler and Pontiac cars and trucks.


1962-67 Chevy 2 Nova Power Brake Booster Kit

Add power brakes to your 1962-67 Chevy 2 Nova without major modifications! Available for both drum brake and disc brake applications.

1962-67 Chevy 2-Nova Lower Control Arm Alignment Cam Bolt Kit

NEW ITEM! 1962-67 Chevy 2-Nova Lower control arm alignment cam bolt kit

1962-67 Chevy Nova Shock Tower Brackets, Billet Aluminum, Adjustable

The first and finest shock towers on the market. As seen in Chevy High Performance magazine. Chevy Nova high quality aluminum adjustable shock towers add a trick look to any engine compartment. Available for 1962, 63, 64, 65, 66 & 67 Chevy Nova and Chevy Nova Wagon. 

Market price: $299.99 save 12%
1962-67 Chevy Nova Tubular Upper Control Arms

Tubular upper control arms fit the original 62-67 Chevy Nova front suspension. Great for power steering.

Improves handling

1962-67 Chevy Nova, Strut Rod Suspension Kit

Improves Reaction Times! This kit reduces front end deflection, helps maintain front end alignment and does not require any sway bar modifications.

1962-74 Mopar A, B & E Body 2" Drop Spindles, Set

2" drop spindles fit 1962-74 Mopar, Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth cars. Add drop spindles to your Mopar without major modifications!

1962-74 MOPAR A, B & E Body, Disc Brake Spindle Kit

Disc brake spindle kit available for 1962-74 A, B and E body Mopar, Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth cars. Add disc brakes to your Mopar without major modifications!

1962-74 Mopar Black Out Series Power Brake Booster Kit, Wilwood Master Cylinder

BLACK OUT power brake booster fits 1962-74 Mopar, Dodge & Plymouth cars. Puts the midnite series to rest.

Includes Wilwood master cylinder and proportioning valve

1962-82 Mopar Power Steering Conversion Kit, Small Block Mopar

Deluxe power steering conversion kit available for 1962-82 Mopar.  Designed to work with 318, 340 & 360 Engines

1963-64 Chevy Corvette Complete Power Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit, Large GM Calipers

Available for 1963-64 Chevy Corvette cars. Includes large GM calipers. This is the best and easiest way to convert your Classic Corvette to Power disc brakes.

1963-65 Buick Riviera Hi Performance Front Sway Bar Kit

Help your vehicle handle better by adding a high performance sway bar! Available for 1963-65 Buick Riviera. BLACK POWDER COATED.

1963-66 Chevy Truck Hydro-Boost Power Brake Booster Kit and Wilwood Master Cylinder

Hydraulic brake assist fits 1963-66 Chevy C10, C20 and GMC Trucks. We have combined the HydroBoost with a Wilwood master cylinder & prop valve. USA made