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1962-74 MOPAR A-B-E-BODY


1962-82 Mopar Power Steering Conversion Kit, Small Block Mopar

Deluxe power steering conversion kit available for 1962-82 Mopar.  Designed to work with 318, 340 & 360 Engines

1962-82 Mopar Power Steering Gear Box Conversion, Quick Ratio

NEW STEERING PARTS! This steering gear box is used when converting to power steering. Available for 1962-82 Mopar A, B, C E and F body. Available in "sport" steering ratio. Special introductory offer.

Adjustable Power Steering Flow Valve

Adjustable power steering flow valve allows you to change the amount of line pressure going to your gear box, rack-n-pinion conversion or OE style power steering. If your Classic has sensitive steering or too much power steering this small item its the answer for you.

Adjustable Flow Valve Hook Up Fittings Kit

Available for all Vehicles.

Our steering upgrades now include the HOT MOPARS! We are continually adding more to our Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge product lines.