Power Brake Booster Vacuum Hose, Rubber

Power Brake Booster Vacuum Hose, Rubber
1.00 lbs
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Actual circumference: 11/32" x 3' 8.73 mm x 914.4 mm

Installation Tips:


  • 1. Remove old hose. Take care not to dislodge or damage the valve in the booster.
  • 2. Install new hose, routing it away from high heat sources (such as exhaust manifolds), and moving parts. Take care not to kink the hose or collapse it with securing strips.
  • 3. Install the new hose clamps where used.
  • 4. Start the engine and bring the engine compartment to operation temperature. Verify correct operation of the brakes. Note: Excessive pedal travel or poor engine running may be indications of a vacuum leak or other problem. Vary engine rpm and inspect the vacuum brake hose for any sign of kinking or collapse. Re-route the hose if needed.
  • 5. Consult the owner's manual or a qualified mechanic if the cause of any malfunction cannot be determined and corrected.

If you detect a problem, do not drive the vehicle as braking performance may be degraded.

Ships anywhere in the USA for $7.00. Out of country orders add $25.00

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