48-52 Ford Truck, Power Booster Kit

January 29th, 2009





IMPORTANT: This kit is assembled for shipping purposes only! Be sure to check all nuts and bolts for adequate torque prior to use. Don’t forget! Make sure this kit fits your application before painting or plating. Beware that chroming or painting the booster can cause it to malfunction if not performed properly. Parts that have been painted, plated or modified may not be returned.

STEPS: Read these instructions carefully before
attempting this installation!

  1. Remove the stock master cylinder from its mounting bracket. Clean the mounting bracket and 16” of frame to the rear of the mounting bracket.
  2. Line up the booster bracket mounting holes with the holes on the frame bracket. Using the supplied hardware, proceed to bolt the bracket to the frame.
  3. Drill two holes through the frame using the bracket guide. Using the hardware provided, bolt the bracket to the frame.
  4. Bolt the booster back onto the bracket.
  5. Attach the pedal push rod to the brake pedal with the hardware provided in the kit. The pedal height an be adjusted with the heim joint. Once all adjustments are made Be sure to tighten the jam nut.
  6. Use the lower hole on the stock brake pedal. Be sure to use one spacer on the legs on the brake pedal and one spacer on the inside leg between the heim joint. Tighten with locknut supplied.
  7. Bolt the strut rod bracket to the inside lower booster stud and to the frame. A 3/8” hole will need to be drilled into the frame to mount the bracket. This bracket MUST be bolted to the frame for the added strength.
  8. With the bracket and booster installed, proceed to bench bleed the master cylinder before installing it.
  9. Route 3/8” vacuum line from the booster to the manifold vacuum. Make sure that all brake lines are hooked up and proceed to bleed the brake system. Make sure that there is a good firm pedal and enjoy.


  1. We highly recommend that you perform a vacuum check on your particular engine. Acceptable vacuum numbers would be from 15in/hg to 22in/hg. For those who have lower numbers we offer a vacuum pump. Call for details.
  2. We also offer disc brake master cylinders and proportioning valves for those who do not want to run power brakes. Call for details.


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