60-66 Chevy/GMC Truck, Power Steering Kit 800 Series Steering Box

April 29th, 2009

Part #PSK6066

Read these instructions completely before installing this kit!
Make sure this kit fits your application before painting or plating. Parts that have been painted, plated or modified may not be returned.

  1. NOTE: 1960-62 Chevrolet trucks may have a boxed frame. Longer bolts will be needed to go through frame. Also when looking into wheel well, at outer plate, upper right rear hole is on corner of frame. Notch frame for bolt to go through or put a stud into outer plate. All other instructions apply without change.
  2. Jack front of truck and support the frame with jack stands. Remove the wheels.
  3. Remove the existing center link, pitman arm, rag joint, gear box and driver side bumper support bracket.
  4. Using a small section of angle iron, place it on the steering shaft just above the rag joint and scribe a line along the edge of your steering shaft and rag   joint collar flange. (This is done to keep the new assembly in time after you cut and shorten the assembly to fit the power gear box).
  5. Most important step. Measure up shaft, from top of collar, 1-3/16” and mark this distance as this will be the location your top weld should be when completed. Now measure up shaft, from top of collar, 11/16” as this is where the shaft will be cut. The steering shaft will remain in the truck and only the rag joint collar, flange and 11/16” piece of steering shaft are removed.
  6. Depending on the year of the new gear box you install, (69-87 GM 2wd 1/2 ton Chevy/GMC truck box) you will need a new rag joint. At this point you   should remove the rag joint on the end of the shaft you just cut off. Note: the old rag joint is probably riveted on so you will need to drill the rivets out to remove it.
  7. Using a 3/4” drill bit and preferably a drill press, drill through the flange from the bottom side first. The bottom of the flange is funnel shaped and will center the drill bit automatically. Drill completely thru flange and discard the short section of shaft that was attached. It is time to weld the flange to the steering shaft. Using the timing mark from Step 3 and the depth mark from Step 4 (1-3/16” mark) position the collar and weld both the outside and   inside of the flange. It is highly recommended that you drill and pin the shaft/flange for safety.
  8. Locate the four original gear box mounting holes in the frame. Place the outer frame bracket on the frame (this is the bracket with the large section cut out of the middle). Position the bracket so that the large cutout is facing up.
  9. The bracket locates on the frame using the upper left and lower right side mounting holes on the frame and mounting bracket.
  10. Place a bolt in each hole as mentioned in Step 7. These will locate the bracket so you can drill the two remaining holes in the frame.
  11. Remove the outside plate and bolts. Place the inner frame plate on the inside of the frame and install the three 2” long bolts thru the frame plate on the inside out thru the frame and place the outside plate over the bolts so to sandwich the frame. (Make sure spacers are pointed outward). Take the large diameter 2” long bolt and mount it in the upper forward hole in bracket. This bolt holds everything in place while you install the gear box.
  12. Locate the lower front-most hole in the gear box. Drill out the threads with a 1/2” drill bit.
  13. Mount the gear box to the frame using the three 2” long bolts coming from the inside and the remaining 1-1/2” bolt coming from the outside.
  14. Mount the power steering pitman arm to the gear box and attach the center link back to it. At this point the gear box should be installed and tight as well as the pitman arm center link and rag joint.
  15. Lastly you will need to trim the driver side bumper support bracket that you removed earlier, to clear the new gear box mounting plate. Mount the power steering pump and pulley, belt and hoses. Double check all your bolts for adequate tightness. Enjoy!


  1. We highly recommend that you use our tubular upper control arms when adding power steering to a lowered truck. Not only do you get the adjustments you need for proper alignment, you also get 2 degrees more positive caster. This allows the truck to drive better and have more straight line stability. Prevents road wander! 1963-72 trucks only! Call for details!




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  1. tony bianco says:

    Can you please tell me the size of the ports on the 800 series steering box ? the pressure line appears to be 5/8-18 inverted flare, but not sure of the return port. possibly 16×1.5 ??? Thanks,

  2. Brian Reeve says:

    Regarding power steering kit, 800 series box (psk6066) Which port is the return and which one is the pressure port on the steering box?

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