Pitman arm recommendation

April 28th, 2009


The gear box used in this kit is from a 1969-87 Chevrolet/GMC 1/2 ton pick-up. However, the pitman arm is from a late 60’s to early 70’s Chevelle w/power steering. The arm can be used as is, however shortening it to the above dimensions proves to work best. Make sure you have a certified welder make any modifications.


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  1. Celso Campos says:

    Dear seller what pitman arm tipe you recomend to work 57 chevy belair with 605 gear power steering ? Thanks Celso.

  2. tony lugo says:

    I have a power steering gear box.I think it is from a 1975 to1979. I try to read the #s on it. possitble gh or ch af1 128208 not shore. but anyway my manual pitman arm will not fit.different sizes where the teeths go on my power steering box.please help me no one can help me find this part.maybe you can. Ihave a 1965 f100 with a 360 ford stepside.email me. or call me @ 04.720.4017. Thanks ps. the sector shaft is defferent. I think.

  3. tony lugo says:

    sorry my number is 404.720.4017

  4. bryan romrell says:

    i bought a adaptor plate for a 60 to 66 but it seams wrong for my 62 chevy short box is there a differance

    • admin says:

      No. The power steering adapter plate is the same for the 1960-66 Chevy-GMC truck. Please call us at 800-638-1703 so we mcan discuss what you may
      be encountering.Thanks

  5. lester says:

    will a power steering pitman arm for a 68 firebird fit a 69 firebird

    • pol says:

      We have never tried to install a 68 Firebird pitman arm on a 1969 Firebird. We dont have a listing for the 69 model. Assuming everything is relative, the 1969 Firebird has a completely separate listing for the idler arm too. With that said, usually the difference is in the length and not in the fitment to the gear box or the centerlink. You may have to run the coinciding 1968 idler arm to make it work.

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