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HyperFuel Systems

HyperFuel Systems

HyperFuel manufactures high performance fuel systems including fuel pump kits, retrofit fuel pump kits for carb-to-EFI conversions, fuel pressure regulators and more. A great solution for all of your fuel system needs. 


Fuel Tank Return Line Bung Kit, Universal

Add a return line bung to your fuel tank with ease. A must when adding EFI to your classic car or truck.


Hyperfuel 40004 - Fuel Delivery Command Center 2

The Command Center 2 is designed to be used in vehicles with stock fuel tanks converting from carburetor to EFI.


Hyperfuel Billet In-Line Fuel Pump

The Hyperfuel™ Hyper In-Line Billet Fuel Pumps are high-pressure, high-output and quiet operating.  Available in 255LPH or 340LPH


Hyperfuel Fuel Pressure Regulator For Carburetor

Fuel pressure regulators available for carbureted applications


HyperFuel Inline Fuel Filter w/ Washable Element

HyperFuel™ premium 3½” in-line filter with 10-micron stainless steel reusable/washable element.  Available in 10 micron, 40 micron and 100 micron filtering


In-Line Fuel Filter Replacement Element

Replacement stainless steel element for the HyperFuel™ premium 3½” in-line filters. Available in 10-micron, 40-micron and 100-micron filtration.