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Master Cylinders and Kits


-3AN Banjos for Master Cylinders, Pr.

These A.N. Banjos for master cylinders are designed to solve clearance issues and fit the popular GM type master cylinder.

Brake Master Cylinder, 1" Bore GM Type, Dual Reservoir

This master cylinder is available as a drum brake replacement or can be used with disc brakes for your customized Classic.

Available for all vehicles.

Chrome GM Drum Brake Single Reservoir Master Cylinder

We carry individual master cylinders for your classic customized vehicle. We offer these in chrome but in limited numbers. May take 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Drum Brake Master Cylinder and Metering Valve Kit

Convert your factory drum brake master cylinder to this safer dual chamber master cylinder with metering valve and low pressure warning valve switch.

GM Disc Brake Conversion Master Cylinder, 1" Bore Corvette Type

POL disc brake master cylinders are manufactured to OEM quality specifications. Cylinders are CNC burnished for ultimate piston seal. Available for GM, Ford and Mopar.

GM Disc Brake Conversion Master Cylinder, 1" Bore, Aluminum Corvette Type

AVAILABLE NOW! Performance Online's GM type aluminum Corvette style master cylinder. Available for ALL cars and trucks!

GM Disc Brake Conversion Master Cylinder, 1" Bore, Chromed Aluminum Corvette Type

Performance Online's GM type chromed aluminum Corvette style master cylinder. Available for ALL cars and trucks.

GM Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit, 1" Deep Bore

GM Corvette style disc brake master cylinder rebuild kit. For 1.00" deep bore master cylinders

Manual Brake Master Cylinder Push Rod kit with Boot

Manual master cylinder push rod kit with rubber boot and pedal clevis. Fits all vehicles

Master Cylinder and Proportioning Valve Kit, Firewall Mount

Add a disc brake master cylinder with under mount prop valve to your Classic without major modifications! Available for both 2 or 4 wheel disc brake applications. Great for firewall mount setups.

Master Cylinder Bench Bleeder Kit

Available for all master cylinders. You will save time and aggravation by properly bench bleeding your new master cylinder.

Master Cylinder Lid, Chrome, Single Clamp

Fits Drum brake style GM master cylinder with single bail design. SHOW QUALITY!

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