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1965-77 Chevy High Performance Power Steering Gear Box

All new performance power steering gear box has a quick 12:7 to 1 ratio and utilizes the latest in steering technology. Fits 1965-77 Chevy Impala, Chevelle, Camaro, Nova and many GM A, F, X body vehicles.  

1968-74 Chevy Nova, Power Steering Conversion Kit

Available for 1968-74 Chevy Nova. Our deluxe power steering conversion kit is just what you need to upgrade to Power Steering. Steering box available in standard or quick ratio.

1962-66 Chevy Nova Power Steering Conversion Kit

Power steering conversion kit is available for 1962-66 Chevy Nova. These trick kits utilize a late model steering box and offer a sport steering ratio. 

1962-66 Chevy Nova Power Steering Gear Box Conversion

This power steering box directly replaces the old manual gear box. Fits 1962-66 Chevy Nova. Available in "sport" steering ratio. 

1968-79 Chevy Nova Power Steering Gear Box

Power steering gear box used when converting to power steering or as a replacement to the original power gear box. Fits 1968-74 and 1975-79 Chevy Nova. Available in standard or quick steering ratios. 

1968-72 Chevy Nova Manual Steering Gear Box, 525 Series, Blueprinted

Manual steering gear box available for 1968-72 Chevy Nova. Includes 3 year warranty.

Steering gear boxes, Steering pumps, Pitman arms, Steering columns, Steering brackets, Steering install kits, Steering hoses, Steering couplers and many other steering components for 62-67, 68-74 and 75-79 Chevy II/Nova cars.