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1962-66 Chevy Nova Power Steering Conversion Kit

1962-66 Chevy Nova Power Steering Conversion Kit
1962-66 Chevy Nova Power Steering Conversion Kit
Part #:PSCK6266


This 1962-66 Chevy 2-Nova power steering gear box conversion kit really enhances the steering feel on your classic Nova. The addition of these steering parts enhances performance and driver comfort. These power steering gear boxes are built to precise specifications and tolerances. These kits are available for both small and big block engine combinations and cars that came with manual power steering.

What is different on a power steering car vs manual steering? Answer, The original power steering on a early Nova utilized a hydraulic ram assist. For this system to work it also utilized a control valve which was attached to the centerlink. The control valve hooked to the pitman arm on the gear box. The pitman arm on a power steering car had a tapered hole in it. The pitman arm on a manual steering car had a tapered stud built into it like many tradition steering pitman arms. Also the idler arm was shaped differently to clear the hydraulic ram attaching point. Although shaped differently, a power steering idler arm can be used on both power and manual steering cars. Lastly the centerlink is different because it housed the control valve which directed the hydraulic fluid when the car was turned right or left. A manual centerlink has a tapered hole in the pitman arm end. The power centerlink has a control valve attached to it.  

Kit includes:

  • Steering Gear Box (Made in the USA)
  • 14:1 sport ratio
  • Power Steering Pump (FREE Chrome Cap)
  • 5/8" keyway shaft
  • Power steering hoses (Made in the USA)
  • Vibration reducer steering column shaft (Made in the USA)


For original manual steering cars only
For original power steering cars please purchase parts separately
Floor shift cars only
Any style stock steering column can be modified to fit
1967 models require steering column mods or use of 1966 or earlier column
CA Prop 65 Warning - cancer and reproductive harm

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