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Performance Online, disc brakes, suspension parts and steering components for Classic Chevrolet, Chevy, GMC, Ford, Buick, Oldsmobile, Merc, Mopar, Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler and Pontiac cars and trucks.


1968-74 Chevy Nova Traction Bar with Shock Relocation Kit and 9-Way Adjustable Drag Shocks

HOT NEW PRODUCT!!  Hi-Performance Rear shock relocation kit with Cal Trac Traction Bars and 9-Way adjustable rear shocks. Relocates shocks from being staggered and allows more tire clearance.

EWP Series Pulley Kits from Performance Online were designed for use with several of the most popular billet aluminum electric waterpumps.
1962-74 MOPAR Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth Disc Brake Conversion Kit, 2" Drop Spindles

2" Drop Spindle Disc Brakes for your MOPAR without major modifications!  Available for 1962-74 Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth A, B and E-Body.


INCLUDES SHOCKS & SPRINGS! Available for Chevelle, El Camino, GTO, Skylark and 442 cars. Finally! Upgrade your front suspension to our tubular control arms, performance springs & shocks all in one kit!

1965-70 Chevy Impala Belair Biscayne, Stage 3 Tubular Control Arm Suspension Kit

Available for 1965-70 Chevy Impala, 1965-70 Chevy Belair, 1965-70 Chevy Biscayne car. The engineers at Performance Online have expanded their performance suspension product line. Our New Stage 3 Tubular Control Arm Suspension package!

1949-54 Chevy Belair, FleetLine Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Power disc brake conversion kit available for 1949-54 Chevy Belair and FleetLine cars. This is the best and easiest way to convert your vehicle to disc brakes.

1955-57 Chevy Belair Tubular Control Arm Suspension Kit, Stage 3

Stage 3 tubular control arm suspension kit available for 1955-57 Chevy Belair. Our Stage 3 Tubular Control Arm Suspension package includes coil springs and shocks. 

1958-64 Chevy Impala and 1963-72 Chevy Truck 502 Drive Shaft Kit

Performance Online 502 drive shaft kit. These shafts are perfect for "Big Block" powered cruisers, pro-street, air suspension and hydraulic equipped cars and trucks. Available for 1958-64 Chevy Impala, Belair, Biscayne and 63-72 Chevy truck.

High performance big block application.

1960-70 Chevy Truck Disc Brake Conversion Kit, 5 x 4.75" Bolt Pattern, Stock Spindles

Available for 1960-62, 1963-66 & 1967-70 Chevrolet/GMC/C10/C15 trucks. These kits are for the budget minded. Bolts to original spindle.

1962-66 Chevy Nova Power Steering Conversion Kit

NEW! This power steering conversion kit is available for 1962-66 Chevy Nova. These trick kits utilize a late model steering box and offer a sport steering ratio. 

1963-70 Chevy C10 Truck, Disc Brake Conversion Kit, Stock or Drop Spindle, Deluxe

Disc brake conversion available for 1963-70 Chevy C10 and GMC C15 trucks. Add 5 or 6 lug disc brakes to your truck with stock height or 2.5" drop spindles. Also fits 64, 65, 66, 67, 68 and 1969 model trucks. Utilizes Western Chassis Spindles.

1955-57 Chevy Belair 210 150 Drop Spindle Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Available for 1955-57 Chevy Belair, 210, 150 cars. Add disc brakes to your Chevy Belair while lowering it 2" with our drop spindle disc brake conversion kit. Includes 7, 8, or 9" booster.