49-51 Mercury car, Disc brake conversion kit, 5.5 bolt pattern

April 22nd, 2009


Read these instructions completely before installing this kit!!!
Before beginning installation, make sure your wheels fit on the disc rotor.

Make sure this kit fits your application before painting or plating. Parts that have been painted, plated or modified may not be returned.

This Conversion Kit uses the following rotors and calipers:
94-06 Ford econoline rotors
4331-4332 calipers
Bearings and seals:
A12 outer bearings
A13 inner bearings
4148 bearing seals
mounting hardware

  1. Jack the front of vehicle and support the axle with jack stands.
  2. Remove the wheels, brake drums, hub assembly and backing plate assembly.
  3. Clean and prep the spindle.
  4. Mount the caliper bracket onto the outside of the spindle using the supplied bolts and the six smaller spacers supplied in the kit.
    (Note: the brackets should face the rear of the car and the spacers go between the primary bracket & secondary bracket, see figure 4A.
  5. Slide the bearing adapter over the spindle shaft and make sure it is touching the old seal surface. (Note: the bearing adapter has a large diameter and a small diameter, the small diameter faces outward). these adapters may fit snug, although most seem to slide right on.
  6. Pack the bearings with good quality disc brake bearing grease and install the seals.
  7. Install the rotors, outer bearing, outer bearing adapter, retaining washer and nut. See figure 4B. Torque assembly to 12ft/lbs while spinning rotor, then back of nut to nearest slot and install cotter pin.
  8. Install grease caps, calipers and brake hoses. Make sure the bleeder screws are on the top of the caliper.
  9. You are done at the wheel, Enjoy!





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  1. Takahiro Otsubo says:

    What should I buy for the brake pad?

  2. peter spiropoulos says:

    Hello, do you still sell the front disk brake bracket kit for the 49-51 Mercury? I believe the part # is wbk4951c.
    Thank you

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