65-68 Chevy full size GM car (Lg. caliper), w/ 3/4” spindle nuts, Disc brake wheel kit

April 23rd, 2009


Part #(WBKS6568A)

Read these instructions completely before installing this kit!!! Before beginning installation, make sure your wheels fit on the disc rotor.

Make sure this kit fits your application before painting or
plating. Parts that have been painted, plated or modified may not be returned.

This Conversion Kit uses the following components:


  • 69-72 chevelle


  • 70-77 camaro

Bearings & seals

  • A-6 inner bearings
  • A-2 outer bearings
  • 7934S grease seals
  1. Remove the drum brake assembly so all that remains is the spindle. Inspect the spindles for grooves and cracks. A piece of 180 grit emery cloth can be used  to clean the spindle. Be sure to clean the 11/16” threaded hole at the top of the spindle. Use a threaded tap if necessary.
  2. Take the small support bracket and install it to the face of the spindle using the two lower holes, as shown in the attached diagram. Do not tighten yet. Install one of the supplied 1/2”-20 x 3” bolts through the rear hole of the bracket. Tighten down with the supplied lock nuts.
  3. Note: Due to casting imperfections, it may be neccessary to grind the steering arm on top rear to clear the bracket.
  4. Take the caliper bracket and attach it to the spindle as shown in the diagram. Insert the supplied 1/2” x 2 1/2” bolt through the bracket, supplied spacer and support bracket. Using the 1/2” lock nut, snug up the bolt. Do not tighten yet. Insert the supplied machined bolt through the bracket and into the spindle. Tighten down the 1/2” bolt. See Diagram for proper bolt and spacer selection.
  5. Pack the bearings in high quality bearing grease and install them into the rotor. Also install the grease seal. Install the rotor on the spindle with bearings. Use the spindle washer and nut to keep it all together.
  6. Now that the rotor is on the spindle, check it for proper clearances between the rotor and mounting.


Stock drum brake wheels may not work with disc brake conversions. Drum brake wheels were not made with disc brakes in mind so there may be wheel to caliper clearance problems. Before installing this kit, make sure your wheels fit the brake assembly.

For those wanting to keep stock wheels that interfere with the installation, there are companies such as Wheelsmith, Stockton Wheel Co. and Wheel Vintiques that can remove the original wheel centers wheel centers and re-install them into a new disc brake rim. Please call for more information.

Wheelsmith (714) 556-3861
Wheel Vintiques (209) 251-6957
Stockton Wheel Service (209) 464-7771



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