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FiTech EFI

FiTech EFI

FiTech is quickly becoming the most advanced fuel injection system on the market today.

FiTech has designed EFI systems that work on engines reaching up to 1,200 horsepower. These EFI systems can be used in dual quad, nitrous, and boosted engines as well as your standard single 4 barrel intake. 

FiTech has based their fuel delivery system around OEM specifications. All of the related software and parts were engineered, designed, and built for OEM-level functionality, allowing you to easily add fuel injection to most any vehicle. When you install a FiTech system on your engine you will be very satisfied with the level of performance that you will have acheived and how simple the system was to install. Order a Fitech EFI fuel injection system from Performance Online today.


FiTech Go EFI 600HP Fuel Injection System

The Go EFI 4 Self Tuning Fuel Injection is rated at 600 HP but is suitable for engines from 250hp thru 600hp. E85 fuel compatible


FiTech 37001 - Retro LS 650HP Fuel Injection System

Give your LS engine that Retro Carb look with the new Fitech Retro LS Fuel Injection System.


FiTech 30061 Go EFI Dual Quad 625 HP Fuel Injection System

Dual Quad EFI! Nothing says Muscle like 2 big 4 BBL’s on a V8.


FiTech 30062 Go EFI Dual Quad 625 HP Fuel Injection System, Matte Black

Dual Quad EFI! Nothing says Muscle like 2 mean matte black 4 BBL’s on a V8.


FiTech 30064 Go EFI Dual Quad 1200HP Fuel Injection System

Go Big! 1200hp Dual Quad Power Adder EFI. This is for you high horsepower and blower engine guys.


FiTech 39610 - Go EFI Tri-Power 600HP Fuel Injection System

Nothing says muscle like a fuel injection 6-pack screaming under your hood.


FiTech Ultimate LS1, LS2, LS6 EFI Induction Kit

Complete self-tuning induction systems for Chevy LS engines. Designed for the do-it-yourself hot rodder. Available in 500HP and 750HP Kits


FiTech Ultimate Tall LS1, LS2, LS6 EFI Induction Kit

Complete self-tuning Tall Runner systems for Chevy LS engines. 9" tall manifold.  Available in 500HP and 750HP Kits


FiTech 50004 - Force Fuel System

New FiTech Force Fuel System feeds your EFI using your stock fuel pump and supply line.


FiTech 50005 Force Fuel System - Dual 340 LPH Pumps

FiTech's new Force Fuel System includes dual pumps and supports upto 1600 HP


FiTech 50001 - EFI In-Line Frame Mount Fuel Delivery Kit

Frame mount fuel delivery kit with inline external fuel pump that is suitable for engines making up to 600HP.


FiTech 20010 - GO Shift Stand Alone GM Trans Control Unit

The Go Shift stand-alone electronic transmission control is the perfect solution if you plan on upgrading your GM 4L60/65/80/85E transmission.


FiTech 50015 - FiTech Go Fuel In-Tank Fuel Pump, 340LPH

340 LPH pump is capable of providing fuel to 600 horsepower engines.


FiTech 50016 - FiTech Go Fuel In-Tank Fuel Pump - 1000HP

Fitech Go Fuel In Tank Fuel Pump supports up to 1000 HP


FiTech 50101 - 255 LPH In-Line Fuel Pump

This pump has a 255 LPH free flow rate with a 90 psi max pressure.